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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


Email continues to be the most used channel for cyberattacks and a lucrative access point for sensitive data. The continuing reliance on email by organizations is why it’s important to have a robust solution for email security – one that is integrated and adaptive for a wide range of email-based threats.

Threats can come from inside the organization, employees accidentally or maliciously sharing sensitive data, or from an external source via a spear-phishing campaign. Spear-phishing emails fraudulently encourage the recipient to share sensitive data or to open an attachment that releases malware into the network. While employee training is key in recognizing these risks, it’s ultimately technology that can prevent them from succeeding.

Email security should protect an email inbox from hackers, malware, and phishing. It should also protect a brand from imposters posing as trusted colleagues, vendors, and partners intent on defrauding the brand.

HelpSystems integrated, adaptive email security solutions protect organizations from advanced phishing and socially engineered email attacks, as well as prevent sensitive data and malicious content from entering or exiting the organization. This is significant in minimizing the risk of data breaches.

Compatible with many email systems, HelpSystems email security has inbound threat protection which has zero-hour anti-malware and active code detection to automatically remove threats from inbound and outbound traffic.

HelpSystems best of breed spam detection is a multi-layered spam defense that also protects customers and business partners from malicious email spoofs with automated DMARC email authentication and brand spoof monitoring.

A cloud-based sandbox feature further inspects messages considered suspicious by the anti-virus detection and are either blocked, dropped, or subjected to further analysis. This provides organizations with comprehensive protection against a wide range of inbound threats.

HelpSystems offers a unique combination of in-depth features, many automatic, to protect email without becoming a barrier to continuous communication.

How we are different

- Email security solutions from HelpSystems offer an unprecedented level of cyber-attack protection and outbound data loss prevention for secure email collaboration.

- Organizations in highly regulated industries such as defense, government, healthcare, and financial services rely on HelpSystems to ensure that data breach risks through email are minimized.

- Email security features include deep visibility into Business Email Compromise (BEC) attack chain, actionable threat intelligence, and DMARC Email Authentication. Additionally, unique sanitization features automatically removes active content such as ransomware or sensitive data hidden in image-based files, all without impacting productivity.