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Company size (employees)35
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Today’s incident response (IR) teams are locked in an unfair fight. Although they have already invested in security detection tools, the volume and complexity of cyberattacks are overloading cybersecurity teams, which are unable to investigate every alert due to constraints in the size, time and budgets.

Existing IR solutions have fallen flat – either, (1) only providing workflows to help orchestrate incident response, acting more as a smart ticketing system, or (2) requiring significant expertise to set up and manage on an ongoing basis.

Hexadite offers the only fully-automated incident response solution. Hexadite Automated Incident Response Solution (AIRS™) harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to dramatically reduce the time it takes enterprises to close out cybersecurity alerts – cutting it by up to 95%, and ultimately empowering security teams to examine every single alert, regardless of the priority score it has been given.

In 2016, Hexadite’s innovative product offering led it to an $8M round of funding, 900% customer growth, and a global strategic reseller agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise – all accomplished less than two years after bringing its platform to market.

How we are different

• Hexadite is helping Global 2000 companies, spanning a wide range of industries, reduce the time it takes to close out cybersecurity alerts by up to 95% - enabling clients to investigate every alert comprehensively, and dramatically improve their overall security posture.
• Having experienced a 900% growth in its customer base in 2016, Hexadite is seeing significant interest and positive feedback in its product worldwide.
• To meet the growing interest and demand for its security automation and orchestration technology, Hexadite announced a strategic reseller agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise in September 2016, giving it tremendous reach into the global market.