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Hivint’s vision is to change the economics of cyber-crime through an across-the-board improvement in security maturity, requiring attackers to spend considerably more to successfully execute their attacks. Hivint’s mission is to provide mechanisms for, and promote the accelerated adoption of techniques that enable cyber-security collaboration. Whilst achieving Hivint’s overall mission is a long term goal, the market response to the collaboration initiative – delivered through the portal – has surpassed initial expectations and has in turn allowed for more investment to improve and further promote this service. – our online collaboration service – has now surpassed 400 subscribers; currently growing at a rate of over 50% quarter-on-quarter. Our collaboration concept follows a simple philosophy: if a problem is solved in one organization, it makes sense to make the answer readily available to others so they can take steps to protect their businesses from the same threat, and can avoid having to waste money working out a solution to a problem that has already been solved elsewhere. While many in the industry are talking about the need for greater collaboration, Hivint has invested well over $250,000 in the platform to enable it.

Hivint has undergone rapid growth across the last 18 months. From a standing start, Hivint now has a team of 23 permanent employees across four Australian capital cities; making Hivint the fastest-growing cyber security consultancy in Australia. With this growing team, Hivint has been able to rapidly grow its customer base, delivering over 250 professional service engagements for over 50 organizations in this time.

How we are different

• Establishment of the fastest growing cyber security consulting company within Australia, growing from a standing-start to 23 employees across four cities within 18 months.

• Establishment of a world-first initiative that enables security collaboration across all aspects of an organization’s cyber security program and provides real world – not academic or theoretical – resources for use by everyone.

• Our ultimate philosophy is that organizations don’t really want to compete on cyber security, they simply want to get it done – and get it done well – in the cheapest, easiest and most efficient way possible so that they can compete on attributes that add more value to their customers. We placing cyber security collaboration at the core of everything that we do and through this approach, changing the cyber security consulting industry by openly sharing consulting output, and transparently demonstrating what the market is currently demanding.