How to Move Fast in the Cloud Without Breaking Security with AlgoSec Cloud

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


AlgoSec seamlessly integrates with all leading brands of cloud security controls, firewalls (including NGFWs deployed in cloud), routers, and load balancers, to deliver unified security policy management. With the AlgoSec Security Management Solution, users benefit from holistic management and automation spanning on-premise, SDN and public cloud.

AlgoSec’s cloud offering, including CloudFlow, allows organizations to seamlessly manage security control layers across the hybrid network in three key areas:

1. Visibility across your hybrid network
With AlgoSec’s cloud offering, organizations can obtain a full network map of their entire hybrid network security estate and identify risks and correlate them to the assets they impact. They can also achieve instant visibility of cloud assets and security controls, pinpointing and troubleshooting application and network connectivity issues resulting from security policies.

2. Change management
Organizations can leverage a uniformed network model and change-management framework that covers the hybrid and multi-cloud environment, with automated policy push for “zero-touch” automation. They can securely migrate workloads from on-premise to public cloud and discover the power of CloudFlow’s central policy management, allowing them to orchestrate multiple similar security controls in a single policy.

3. Cloud-centric risk analysis and remediation
Organizations can proactively detect misconfigurations to protect cloud assets including cloud instances, databases and serverless functions and also easily identify risky security policy rules, the assets they expose and whether they are in use. They can also remediate risk, including cleaning up bloated and risky policies and enjoy audit-ready compliance reporting including vast support for diverse regulations.

How we are different

• Application owners have more visibility into the network, including the multiple layers of security controls, and are better able to trace what has changed within their business applications.
• Greater transparency by providing a single source of truth that took into consideration the entire network estate and a 50% reduction in the time needed to implement firewall rules. A unified view of the entire on-premise and multi-cloud estate from a single console.
• Minimize the attack surface by identifying risks and helping to mitigate them. Match network policy risks to the assets to better understand the impact and better prioritize remediation.