HPE SecureMail

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)HPE Security - Data Security
Company size (employees)240,000
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

• HPE SecureMail protects sensitive emails without impacting the user experience. It’s a proven, best of breed, end-to-end encrypted email solution available for desktop, cloud, and mobile that is scalable to millions of users, while keeping Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal Health Information (PHI) secure and private.

• HPE SecureMail delivers a simple user experience across all platforms including computers, tablets, and mobile devices with full capability to send secure, read, reply, and forward messages. Within Outlook, iOS, and Android, for example, senders can access their existing contacts and simply click a “Send Secure” button to send an encrypted email. The recipient receives secure messages in their existing inbox, just as they would the rest of their email.

• HPE SecureMail’s Stateless Key Management is enabled by standards-based HPE Identity-Based Encryption (IBE). Secure messages can be sent to any recipient, without first requiring the recipient to take special action. Since there are no keys to manage or store, it requires minimal administrative or infrastructure support and allows for scale across global enterprises.


Leveraging HPE Security-Data Security’s industry leading end-to-end encryption technology that protects data across its entire lifecycle – in use, in motion and at rest – HPE SecureMail encrypts email data and attachments so that if a security breach does occur, the encrypted email content is of no value to the attacker. Attachments are stored on internal servers, not external third party servers.

HPE SecureMail provides a single solution alternative to most traditional email encryption approaches which must rely on multiple delivery methods resulting in security gaps created when messages are split. Legacy S/MIME and PGP PKI are complex for IT and incompatible with Gmail, Yahoo, and Android. Proprietary Symmetric Key requires complex key database management, and can also lead to data loss if a key is corrupted. Proprietary Webmail suffers from end-user confusion with multiple inboxes, blocked or expired links, and no access to contacts.

HPE SecureMail uses an elegant, lightweight stateless key server – with no end user keys or messages to manage, which is critical for IT operations. This offers extremely low cost of operations and infrastructure compared to traditional PKI and symmetric key technologies. HPE SecureMail has demonstrated a 60-80% lower cost of operations and infrastructure.

HPE Identity Base Encryption (IBE) dramatically simplifies disaster recovery, and avoids complex key vault restoration by performing a one-time backup of the Root Keys (managed under dual controls). In the event of a disaster, these Root keys, under dual controls, are restored on a new HPE SecureMail appliance. All end user keys can be automatically re-generated after end user authentication without any system interruptions or data loss.

HPE SecureMail is infinitely scalable. Because no keys or messages are ever stored; the infrastructure is streamlined and thus essentially scales in a linear fashion at a much lower cost when compared to all of the competition.

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