HUMAN Bot Defender

Additional Info

CompanyHUMAN Security, Inc.
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


HUMAN ​​Bot Defender is a behavior-based bot management solution that protects websites, mobile applications and APIs from automated attacks, safeguarding enterprises’ online revenue, reducing the risk of data breaches, and improving operational efficiency. Recognized as a market-leading solution, Bot Defender provides protection for the world’s largest digital businesses. It uses HUMAN’s modern defense strategy to safeguard organizations from bot attacks and fraud, increasing ROI and trust while decreasing customer friction, data contamination, and cybersecurity exposure.

Bot Defender runs on the Human Defense Platform, an award-winning suite of application protection solutions that verifies the humanity of 20 trillion interactions per week and observes 3 billion devices monthly. Detection is based on behavioral analytics, predictive models, security research, and a combination of over 200 machine learning algorithms and 140 global machine learning models. These generate a constantly updated library of attack patterns based on interactions with applications, device fingerprinting and network characteristics. And the solution features best-in-class, out-of-the-box reporting and custom reports for all stakeholders.

Bot Defender blocks a wide range of automated attacks, preserves page load performance and optimizes security resources and infrastructure costs. If required, it provides the Human Challenge, a user-friendly verification feature that protects against CAPTCHA-solving bots while maintaining a positive user experience. Bot Defender has played a significant role in the disruptions of cybercriminal and fraud operations, preventing over $1.5 billion in account and purchase fraud over Black Friday weekend in 2021.

Bot Defender:
– Helps enterprises maintain their brand reputation, increases customer loyalty, maintains competitive edge, protects SEO rankings and influences better business decisions by effectively blocking malicious bots on your websites, mobile applications and APIs.
– Enables teams to focus on innovation and growth, and save on resource consumption by blocking unwanted bot traffic at the edge and optimizing site use and performance.

How we are different

- Unmatched Accuracy: Unlike other solutions, HUMAN Bot Defender takes a behavioral approach to protect against threats not previously seen with unmatched accuracy — a key differentiator from solutions that rely on dated, historical attack signatures and static profiles. Bot Defender runs on the Human Defense Platform, a highly accurate, self-learning solution with real-time decision-making capabilities.

- Deployment Flexibility: The Human Defense Platform offers seamless and lightweight integration with existing web or mobile applications and infrastructure, without the need to install an in-line appliance or add a reverse proxy to the traffic flow. Bot Defender easily integrates into the modern tech stack and rapidly scales with businesses’ technology to match their growth.

- Real-time Security Operations and Services: HUMAN functions as an extension of an IT or security team and offers best-in-class service and responsiveness, fully tailored onboarding and 24/7/365 security analyst oversight. HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence Team additionally offers data-driven, actionable, evidence-based guidance and context on investigations and bot attacks for customers (confidential) and security practitioners (public). The team has led takedowns of several cybercriminal organizations with Google, the FBI and others, including PARETO, 3ve and Methbot, that caused millions of dollars in damages.