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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


HYAS Insight is an advanced threat intelligence and investigation platform that gives organizations the ability to identify, track, and attribute fraud and attacks faster and more efficiently. Powered by an unrivaled understanding of attack infrastructure and a proprietary graph database — which aggregates information from commercial and private sources and uncovers the relationships between them — HYAS Insight surfaces previously inaccessible data as well as the rich context needed to use it.

Every attack today, regardless of how it breaches the enterprise, needs to communicate with “adversary infrastructure” or command-and-control (C2) for instructions as part of lateral motion, privilege escalation, data exfiltration, and even encryption. This infrastructure is a combination of assets that cybercriminals and malicious actors use to execute their nefarious activities and include servers, domains, IP addresses, and other digital elements.

By analyzing data aggregated from leading private and commercial sources around the world, HYAS identifies suspicious infrastructure likely to be used in attacks — sometimes months before it is even activated.

With this information at hand, users can pivot from dataset to dataset to uncover and attribute the source of an attack and any related infrastructure. This level of visibility enables security teams to easily understand the linkages and relationships between what previously may seem like uncorrelated and unrelated data elements.

The HYAS Insight platform provides vital information for security teams to carry out investigations more efficiently and effectively, exposing and correlating the hidden links leading back to the responsible parties. Easy to deploy and manage, HYAS Insight can be used by both seasoned and junior analysts and serves as a force multiplier for under-resourced teams. The platform integrates into any existing security stack and client architecture, helping to identify, monitor, and block attacks before they are launched and, in many cases, tracking criminals to their physical doorsteps.

Key Capabilities / Features

Advanced Threat Identification and Attribution: HYAS Insight empowers organizations to swiftly identify, track, and attribute fraudulent activities and cyber attacks with unparalleled efficiency. By leveraging an extensive understanding of attack infrastructure and a proprietary graph database, the platform surfaces previously inaccessible data and rich context, enabling users to trace attacks back to their source.

Early Detection of Suspicious Infrastructure: Through analysis of data aggregated from leading private and commercial sources worldwide, HYAS Insight identifies suspicious infrastructure likely to be used in attacks, often detecting threats months before they are activated. This proactive approach allows security teams to mitigate risks and prevent attacks before they occur.

Comprehensive Investigation Capabilities: HYAS Insight facilitates efficient and effective investigations by providing users with vital information to uncover and attribute the source of an attack and related infrastructure. Users can pivot seamlessly between datasets to expose hidden links and understand the relationships between seemingly unrelated data elements, enhancing their investigative capabilities.

Ease of Use and Management: The platform is easy to use and manage, accommodating both seasoned and junior analysts. It serves as a force multiplier for under-resourced teams, integrating seamlessly into existing security stacks and client architectures to enhance threat identification, monitoring, and blocking capabilities.

Unique Data Advantage: HYAS distinguishes itself by offering access to unique and exclusive data sources that provide unparalleled insight into attacker infrastructure and methodology. Clients benefit from data sourced from three-letter agencies, social networks, top financial services, and other sources, ensuring the highest quality and most comprehensive threat intelligence available.

Proactive Defense Against Dynamic Threats: By illuminating dynamic attacker infrastructure and methodology, HYAS enables users to anticipate and preempt cyber attacks. This proactive approach is more effective than traditional defensive measures, allowing organizations to stay one step ahead of adversaries and mount an effective defense against evolving threats.

How we are different

+ A threat intelligence solution is only as good as its underlying data. The reason our clients choose HYAS and more importantly, stay with HYAS, is that we have data no one else has. From three-letter agencies to social networks to top financial services, HYAS clients benefit from our unique technology.

+ Criminals use dynamic infrastructure to instruct and control their attacks, so illuminating that infrastructure is key to understanding and stopping cyber-attacks. This is more effective than simply trying to erect a higher wall around the enterprise.

+ With unprecedented knowledge of attacker infrastructure and methodology, HYAS enables users to see what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen in their environment so they can mount an effective defense.