HYPR True Passwordless MFA

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


HYPR fixes the way the world logs in. HYPR True Passwordless™ MFA platform decouples authentication from the organization’s current and future identity providers and eliminates the traditional trade-off between security and user experience by providing uncompromising assurance and consumer-grade experience. This type of frictionless phishing-resistant MFA conforms to the FIDO standard which is recognized by the CISA as the gold-standard for Zero Trust Authentication. By eliminating the password and deployments taking hours rather than weeks or months, organizations decrease the risk of a cyber attack, increase positive user experience, help ensure regulatory compliance, and lower operational costs.

a. Lower risk by changing the economics of attack and reducing the likelihood of a breach. For example, HYPR clients have achieved a 98.4% reduction in account takeover, and zero phishing incidents.
b. Improve user satisfaction with a frictionless authentication experience. For example, users of HYPR spend 300% less time authenticating than with traditional authentication approaches.
c. Lower TCO of authentication deployment and administration. For example, HYPR customers have experienced 35% fewer helpdesk calls, and as much as $2.4M savings in incident response costs.

How we are different

(1) Eliminate Passwords For Both The Workforce & Customers - HYPR delivers True Passwordless MFA for both the workforce (WF) and for customers, also known as strong customer authentication (SCA). This “completeness of vision” product offering is FIDO2 certified end-to-end and covers all use cases. It ensures the highest levels of phishing resistant security across all user populations including to customers, employees, partners, and contractors.
(2) Desktop To Cloud - Implementation of passwordless MFA should cover users from the time they log in to their device and carry them through all login operations until they shut down. While other solutions may have spotty coverage, the HYPR solution uses passwordless MFA when the user first logs in on a device, when accessing data, or accessing local or cloud based applications. In fact, whereas the average user has 26+ logins on any given day which they traditionally had to remember and use, HYPR slims this down to a single authentication operation. There are no more passwords and thus no calls to the helpdesk for password resets or downtime resulting from being locked out from performing an operation.
(3) Full Integration Today And For What’s Next - HYPR eliminates passwords across Windows, MacOS, and Linux machines, as well as virtual desktops (VDI) and virtual private networks (VPN). HYPR integrates with SSO so you can easily close the desktop MFA gap, once and for all. With our holistic approach, you don’t have to worry about being caught in vendor lock-in.