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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionMiddle East

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Hysolate is revolutionizing enterprise endpoints, resolving the conflict between security and productivity. With Hysolate, enterprises achieve the holy grail of “air gap” level security and at the same time free knowledge workers from the severe usage restrictions they suffer from today.

Instead of thinking of an endpoint as hardware+OS+apps, Hysolate re-invented the endpoint to run multiple local operating systems side-by-side on top of a bare metal hypervisor that serves as a “security broker”, all while the enterprise user keeps having the same familiar experience of a single standard Windows desktop. Everything the user is interacting with is virtualized, including the OS and all applications.

With Hysolate, each endpoint runs multiple isolated operating systems, each having access to specific networks / servers. Organizations that already segmented their network can extend their network segmentation to the endpoint and avoid split tunneling. Organizations that had not yet segmented their network due to network complexity can quickly apply network segmentation on the endpoints, without making any changes to existing network infrastructure such as existing firewall, switch or gateway configurations.

* Hysolate is the only comprehensive solution that covers all attack vectors by design. The Hysolate solution doesn't care what kind of attack vector the attackers use - whether they fool the user to install some malicious application or use the latest and greatest zero-day vulnerability. With Hysolate, *all* applications and the operating systems run fully isolated within several virtual machines (as opposed to the competition that is only isolating specific pre-configured applications / attack vectors, such as browser-only isolation).

* No other commercial solution provides a "virtual air gap" solution on the endpoint in which the user (or attacker) can no longer interact with the bare metal or with the underlying security software. There is no way for users to uninstall or disable Hysolate, even if they are running as local administrators.

* Other isolation solutions usually break compatibility with applications or degrade the user experience. For example: because of doing application-level API sandboxing or wrapping the browser with a sandbox/VM, inter-process communication between applications breaks (e.g. a Word plug-in can no longer talk with Outlook / IE ...). As another example: putting the browser in the cloud breaks some websites, doesn't support browser extensions and is effected by network latency.
Hysolate, on the other hand, does not intervene with any application. Hysolate runs below the operating systems and a typical setup would have an OS per "security zone" (e.g. Internet OS, Corporate OS and Sensitive OS), each running applications normally and letting them run as-is.

Brief Overview

Hysolate is on a bold journey to fully virtualize the endpoint, providing virtualization benefits that are already standard on data centers to the endpoint and thereby empowering security, IT and end users.

Throughout last year Hysolate had been working closely with multiple global enterprises in the financial, tech and legal sectors. These enterprises already use Hysolate in production environments to solve the following pains:

* Privileged access: isolating privileged user access to a completely separate virtual machine, without the need for multiple workstations.

* Payment systems: follow security guidelines by SWIFT (and other payment system providers) to isolate access to payment systems on a user’s endpoint device.

* User productivity: empower knowledge workers and developers by providing them with a restriction-free work environment alongside a strictly locked down sensitive access environment.