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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionHybrid


CYE brings a fact-based approach to organizational cyber defense and puts an end to cyber risk guesstimations. Utilizing data, numbers, and facts, CYE improves the cybersecurity maturity of its customers, enabling better identification, prioritization and reduction of risks.

CYE serves as a trusted advisor to Fortune-500 companies around the world including UBS, EQT, Phillips, Generali, Schindler, GE, World Economic Forum, Francisco Partners, Freepik, and more.

Hyver is CYE cloud-based cybersecurity optimization platform, combines innovative technology, domain expertise and field knowledge to provide organization-level security assessments, revealing anticipated attack routes, analyzing business risks, and building optimized mitigation plans.

By challenging security assumptions, and looking to mature the security of organizations with capabilities, rather than technologies, CYE helps its customers focus on the areas that are truly most critical to their business assets.

Hyver conducts an end-to-end cybersecurity assessment that identifies vulnerabilities across the entire organization and third-party vendors. With highly experienced red teams that are performing real attacks, Hyver reveals complete attack routes that place critical assets at risk.

Hyver translates technical risks to business risks using advanced algorithms and graph modeling capabilities. By correlating the severity of vulnerabilities, threat actor activity and asset value, Hyver quantifies the risk that each vulnerability poses to organizations’ critical assets and business continuity.

Using threat intelligence, hunting capabilities and community knowledge, Hyver helps security teams track, report, benchmark and optimize their security maturity.

Hyver provides an optimized mitigation plan by weighing the potential business impacts against the exploitability of the threats and the cost of mitigation

How we are different

1. Revealing complete attack routes.
By leveraging real attacks rather than simulators that focus on specific areas, Hyver provides a holistic view of the organization’s vulnerabilities and the threats they pose.
This enables Hyver to highlight the most critical attack routes to block, and present them in an actionable, interactive, and prioritized way, rather than a standard 300-page report that contains a list of vulnerabilities to fix.

2. Translating technical risk to business risk and optimizing the cybersecurity investment.
Hyver’s advanced algorithms and risk translation capabilities align security needs with business objectives and enable an optimal investment of resource and remediation efforts. Hyver evaluates the chance of a vulnerability being exploited, how many attack routes it will block, its potential business impact, and how much money and effort it will take to fix it. This ensures the relevancy and urgency of threats in order to create a cost-effective mitigation plan and helps optimize resource allocation based on real business considerations.

3. National-level red team experts.
Hyver is powered by CYE’s cybersecurity specialists who conduct organizational assessments. CYE was established by the co-founders of Israel’s (IDF) world-renowned Red Team unit together with national-level experts bringing decades of experience dealing with a variety of scenarios, threats and vulnerabilities.