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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)iboss
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

* Traditional network security appliances such as Secure Web Gateways are purely designed to protect rigid network perimeters. The problem is, users are everywhere and the critical business applications have moved to the cloud making them accessible from anywhere. The iboss cloud lives in the cloud where the applications live. This means protection is delivered in the same way cloud applications are delivered. Protection for users is always on as users move from place to place and more applications shift to the cloud.

*A true SaaS platform, the iboss cloud scales infinitely as users consume more bandwidth without burdening IT as the complexities are completely abstracted from the organization

*The iboss cloud provides visibility and control for cloud application use inside and outside of the organization seamlessly. Detailed logging, including username and detailed full URLs, are always captured whether the user is inside of the organization or on the road. This information is provided to IT staff and administrators through the single pane of glass iboss cloud admin console. Best of all, it eliminates hairpinning data through hosted appliances reducing costs and increasing speeds for most productivity.

Brief Overview

Typical on-prem strategies for protecting mobile users involves redirecting data back to the data center or office for protection. This is usually cumbersome, slow and results in a poor user experience, in addition to high costs from appliance purchases and bandwidth costs at the office. The iboss cloud allows protection to be applied to users regardless of the users’ location. Protection is the same whether the user is at headquarters or working from a home office. This is because the users Internet access is protected in the cloud via cloud gateways. This substantially reduces equipment, bandwidth, labor costs and simplifies mobile security, resulting in better protection for all users wherever they roam.

Lost visibility into mobile user activity results in IT security teams missing critical security events while users are on the road. This results in missed malware infections that may have occurred outside the office, which can result in having those infections brought back into the office when the user returns. The iboss cloud ensures protection is applied to all users anywhere in addition to logging all activity whether the user is in the office or on the road. This visibility provides a consistent view of threats and risks required to effectively deliver a higher security posture.

The iboss cloud is a single cloud platform which means that all features, capabilities and protection are applied in exactly the same way, regardless of whether the user is in the office or on the road. IT and Security Staff can create filtering policies, malware prevention rules and data loss prevention policies that protect users without worrying about how that policy will make it to the user. The iboss cloud is delivered in the cloud and protects users in exactly the same way in the current borderless network world.