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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


The iboss cloud provides the most powerful Gen-3 CASB on the market, ensuring data transfers from devices are controlled and remain within corporate owned cloud accounts. For example, if a user is accessing Microsoft 365 from the office or at home, data transfers from the device are forced into the corporate owned Microsoft 365 account. For Google services, such as Google Drive, file uploads can be forced to the organization’s Google Drive account instead of a personal use Google Drive account. Slack can also be controlled so that the use of messaging remains within the corporate Slack account. Gen-3 CASB prevents data loss and shadow IT by controlling the network data from the device to destinations in the cloud. Gen-3 CASB protects what legacy CASB technology misses by ensuring all corporate data transfers stay in corporate owned cloud accounts.

The iboss Cloud Platform offers CASB via APIs from cloud solution vendors including Box, Google, and Microsoft 365. The integration with Box, Google, and Microsoft 365 enables the iboss Platform to gain visibility into data at rest for each of the cloud services. Leveraging the APIs provided by each cloud solution, the iboss Platform performs malware and DLP analysis on the content stored in those cloud applications. If any DLP violations are discovered or any files stored within the cloud service contain malware, the files will be flagged so any violations or threats can be remediated quickly.

Whether a user is in the office or working from home, they are always connected through the iboss cloud platform. This ensures full visibility into cloud application use, including access and data transfers. The CASB dashboards are easy to use and provide top cloud applications, top CASB categories, and top cloud application users. Details for cloud application use are broken down to the user detail to determine high risk user activities and cloud application use. CASB PDF reports can be generated using built-in templates.

How we are different

The iboss Cloud Platform is the gateway to the cloud giving it the ability to control cloud applications and provide visibility into cloud application use. Cloud application controls are extensive and range from Facebook to Google to Microsoft. This includes making Facebook read-only, ensuring access to Google Drive is corporate only and leveraging Microsoft 365 Tenant restrictions.

With the iboss Cloud Platform, each customer gets dedicated source cloud IP Addresses which are associated with the organization. Because of this, any data traversing the global cloud containerized gateways in the Platform will have a uniquely associated IP Address that can be mapped to the organization. This means that users always appear to be accessing the Internet from within the organization regardless of whether they’re in the office or on the road. This preserves the critical connectivity requirements that IT departments need when migrating to a cloud gateway platform.

With alternative SASE platforms that lack containerization, network traffic from multiple organizations are processed within the same gateways that proxy, decrypt and firewall data for other organizations. Mixing data within the gateways that perform functions like decryption not only results in latency but increases security risks.