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Industrial organizations are starting to enjoy the benefits of connected operations. By connecting industrial equipment to IT networks, managers have greater control over each operational function and are positioned to make better decisions for improving reliability, safety and profitability. However, the merger of OT (operational technology) and IT exposes an industrial organization to range of cybersecurity risks.

ICS Shield is Nextnine’s OT security management solution for securing connected ICS/SCADA environments.

ICS Shield empowers industrial organizations to implement connected operations, while minimizing security vulnerabilities. The solution secures remote field assets from a single security operations center and automates the deployment and enforcement of plant-wide security policies with a focus on security essentials, including inventory, patching, log collection, remote access and compliance reporting.

Discovery Automation
The first step in protecting an OT environment is identifying precisely what’s on the network. ICS Shield provides an accurate inventory of all ICS assets, including hardware, software and service configurations. By automating this discovery process, ICS Shield enables full visibility of OT assets, positioning an industrial organization to effectively enforce its security procedures.

Secure Connectivity – Secure Remote Access
To maintain high levels of security, uptime and safety of distributed devices, secure remote access to field assets is required by first- and third-party personnel and machines. Providing granular and robust AAA remote access, ICS Shield ensures secure remote access and monitoring, protected file distribution to devices and safe data transfer from plants to HQ for analysis and risk management.

Protect – Security Policy Management
Industrial organizations require simplified, yet effective security policy management to better secure dispersed OT networks. ICS Shield unifies and automates policy management processes, empowering the creation, deployment and enforcement of organizational security policies. Leveraging ICS Shield’s security policy management, operations and control teams can significantly improve OT security and compliance.

How we are different

• Strong partnerships and customer base - Nextnine has established global partners with leading industrial automation vendors, system integrators and managed security service providers. ICS Shield has been adopted by five of the seven biggest industrial automation vendors and is deployed in about 6000 plants and 1000 manufacturing enterprises around the world.

• Connected Operations - ICS Shield empowers industrial organizations to enjoy the benefits of connected operations, while minimizing security vulnerabilities. ICS Shield secures remote field assets from a single security and operations center. The solution's infrastructure is designed for multi-site and multi-vendor deployment with all sites connected to the security and operations center via Nextnine’s Secure Tunnel.

• Compliance - ICS Shield helps industrial organizations comply with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, the NIST SP 800-82 guidelines and other national and international standards and regulations. Deployed at thousands of sites worldwide in the oil and gas, utility, chemical, mining and manufacturing sectors, ICS Shield delivers unrivaled visibility, reliability and compliance for industrial plant operations.