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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


We now live in a world of hybrid applications and infrastructure, anytime-anywhere access, interconnected devices and IoT. In this digital, disbursed world, traditional network perimeters, protected by the likes of firewalls, no longer provide sufficient security and protection against the range of cyber threats that have also been growing and changing in nature. Identity has surfaced as the only common control plane to enforce security and control access across all traditional and modern use cases.

Idaptive offers a new kind of access technology that is purposefully built on a Zero Trust approach, maximizing security, while making it simple for end users to manage their devices, accounts, and software. Launched out of Centrify in January 2019, Idaptive’s mission is to create identity and access management (IAM) technology that secures access across every touchpoint while ensuring better products, more secure companies, and happier customers.

Idaptive’s Next-Gen Access Cloud platform is the first of its kind platform to combine deep analytics and machine learning with a full suite of core IAM tools including SSO, MFA, user behavior analytics, and mobile device management. By enabling these systems to work intelligently in tandem to determine the authenticity of a digital user, Idaptive is able to create an experience that is cohesive and streamlined across devices without ever compromising its customers’ security.

Over 2,000 organizations in retail, software, automotive, financial services, and the government sector now trust Idaptive to manage and intelligently secure access to their cloud, mobile, SaaS, and on-premises applications.

How we are different

All of the essential IAM services in one platform: Idaptive’s Next-Gen Access Cloud is the first identity and access management platform that combines the full suite of IAM tools including SSO, MFA and enterprise mobility management that uses machine learning and user behavior risk analytics to verify identity and grant access. The platform approach is crucial, allowing it to intelligently determine the authenticity of a digital user and their device in real-time, govern access across an organization’s resources, and react with another level of authentication when risky behavior is detected.

AI-powered identity: Idaptive’s Next-Gen Access Cloud is also the first identity and access management platform to combine deep analytics and machine learning capable of perceiving minuscule moves in online behavior. Machine learning is much more capable than humans when it comes to identifying blind spots, protecting identities, data and critical applications, and detecting other cyber threats. It’s the answer to the traditional rule- and policy-based control type of security governed by humans that is no longer effective. The machine learning and AI capabilities of Idaptive’s platform can secure businesses against the unknown, while other, less automated alternatives, only protect against the known.

Industry Leadership: Idaptive serves more than 2,000 customers, including many Fortune 500 enterprises, who report happier users, lower IT costs, and a more productive workforce. Gartner recognized the company as a “Visionary” in its 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management report, and as one of the top three highest-scoring vendors across all use cases in the companion report, Critical Capabilities for Access Management. Forrester Research recognized Idaptive as one of only two “Leaders” in its 2019 Wave report on Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) for Enterprise.