Idaptive Identity and Access Management Platform

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Idaptive
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

- Machine Learning – Idaptive understands the context of user requests and makes decisions in real time whether a user should be prompted for additional factors of authentication, or proceed with access granted. Using machine learning, Idaptive rigorously verifies every user, validates every device, and intelligently limits access and privilege based on individual users’ needs. Machine learning leads to constant improvements in Idaptive’s performance, with the platform recognizing individuals’ behavior and more accurately identifying risky activity. The integration of AI dramatically improves the robustness of analytics, and detects heightened threat potential in real time.

- Zero Trust – Zero Trust is at the core of Idaptive’s approach to identity. Instead of reactively responding to threats, Zero Trust is the best preemptive approach, working to stop malicious cyber actors before they access systems and obtain sensitive data. Idaptive is the only IAM company providing an end-to-end Zero Trust security infrastructure powered by the integration of traditional access technologies and adapting to users’ unique needs. For customers, the results are clear – studies show that a Zero Trust approach results in 50% fewer breaches and a 40% reduction in technology costs.

- Simplicity First – Idaptive strives to make security simpler for IT and end users at every level in a company. Customers and employees benefit from the consolidation of SSO, MFA, EMM, and UBA into one platform – the solution is not only more secure but also less of a hassle to manage and deploy. When applied organization-wide, this approach reduces the risk of compromised credentials and protects valuable assets. Idaptive strikes the perfect balance between security and user experience, leading to fewer data breaches, higher user satisfaction, and dollars saved.

Brief Overview

Idaptive is bringing about a new generation of access technology to secure access everywhere, making identity management simpler, more practical and more effective for 2,000+ organizations and their millions of customers, employees and partners. Traditional solutions offer multiple standalone services like MFA and SSO which can be costly to implement and ineffective. Idaptive brings the best technologies in SSO, MFA, UBA and EMM together, alongside rich machine learning capabilities, in one platform – what it calls its “Intelligent Access Cloud” – to learn from and adapt to login context and risk to protect companies while still offering intense freedom for users.
Idaptive is the only IAM solution that truly enables organizations to adopt a Zero Trust approach to security. By assuming every endpoint is vulnerable and no user is exempt from rigorous security precautions, Idaptive safeguards every device and user from malicious attacks. More specifically:
It converts raw data into actionable intelligence by constantly indexing and learning from millions of daily logins from Idaptive’s global customer base.
It predicts breaches based on risk seen across Idaptive’s global dataset to diagnose problems, recommend solutions and create new policies.
It continuously learns from and adapts to login context and risk, increasing security at scale and minimizing the threat of bad actors.
It accommodates for the almost infinite diversity of applications, services and data.
It also reduces the burden on IT and significantly lowers costs. Idaptive automatically takes action to create intelligent policies based on login context, freeing IT from defining discrete rules and policies. That means IT more easily manages access for new and existing users, even when they change roles, and accommodates new hires quickly and more securely. For employees, this means productivity on day one – no more wait times to get access to necessary applications and devices.