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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Founded in 2004, Identity Automation has long believed in the power of education and has striven to provide everyone an equal and safe opportunity to learn through an empowered and more intuitive learning experience. With technology vastly expanding and embedding itself in nearly every facet of education, students and educators are forced to navigate a complex technology ecosystem daily. Identity Automation recognizes that when integration is lacking, the learning experience and workflow can become encumbered.

As a result, Identity Automation has spent the last 18 years providing identity and access management (IAM) solutions for more than 10 million K-12 and higher education identities. Its flagship platform, RapidIdentity, safeguards learning environments, maximizes instructional time, and minimizes the load on Information & Educational Technology teams. Technology leaders turn to RapidIdentity for its best-in-class security capabilities, time-saving automation, and flexible approach to managing digital identities. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Identity Automation is trusted by Chicago Public Schools, Public Schools of North Carolina, University of Rochester, Houston Community College, and hundreds of other institutions.

How we are different

Identity Automation understands that digital equity in the classroom goes beyond delivering internet connectivity and devices. All students need a safe, reliable, and adaptable edtech ecosystem to support and nurture their learning experience. That’s why RapidIdentity was created by Identity Automation as an essential digital identity platform for all midsize and large districts. RapidIdentity is the only cloud-based identity and access management platform built for education. Why is that important? Often, new security layers add barriers to learning, causing frustration and degrading the user experience. Improving cybersecurity, while crucial to safeguarding online learning, should not and cannot inhibit the learning process.

By tailoring a cloud-based, digital identity platform for K-12 environments, Identity Automation helps IT teams to secure their learning environment without hindering the learning experience. RapidIdentity manages the full lifecycle of digital identities, including the creation of accounts, management of policies that govern users’ access to systems, as well as role-specific authentication that makes it easy for all users to get to the tools they need— whether they’re a teacher, IT director, or special needs kindergartner.

RapidIdentity delivers more than simple account provisioning, which is where many alternative products stop. Districts need a platform that cares for all users, while dynamically adjusting to the cyberthreat landscape to prevent account takeovers that lead to ransomware attacks. RapidIdentity also seamlessly integrates into the classroom experience so that it is not necessary to change the portal or rostering solution. For the first time, K-12 districts are able to raise the bar for cybersecurity across all users.