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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware


IDX Privacy was created to empower consumers to take back control of their digital privacy. In recent years, growing cybersecurity threats have led to increased risks to consumers relative to the integrity of their privacy and identity. IDX Privacy is the first all-in-one software solution intended to provide a complete set of features for consumers to address these expanding privacy risks and to take back control of their digital footprint.

IDX Privacy is built on an integrated, cloud-native, secure platform that simplifies the level of effort for consumers to protect their privacy and identity online. Included on the platform are a suite of features that inform and help people impact their IDX Privacy Score, a proprietary measurement that quantifies a person’s level of privacy and identity risk, and gives them specific guidance on how to reduce their digital privacy risks, including through the use of capabilities included with the IDX Privacy product.

The suite of features on the IDX Privacy platform includes:
-ForgetMe, an online data removal service that scans over 100 data broker websites to find an individual’s personal information profile, and provides an automated service to remove data and continuously monitors its removal – preventing the information from being sold or shared.
-IDX Password Detective service that provides real-time scans to identify and help change passwords that have been hacked and made available on the dark web, integrated with a full-function, military-grade Password Manager that works across laptop, tablet, and mobile devices.
-Safe Wi-Fi, an enterprise-grade VPN that gives consumers the ability to browse safely on public Wi-Fi in places like coffee shops, airports and even their homes.
-Social media and dark web monitoring service for identifying compromised personal information on the dark web as well as malware and account takeover or compromise of a person’s social media accounts.

How we are different

•IDX Privacy offers consumers a simple, easy-to-use, integrated solution for protecting their digital privacy and identity while also using proactive efforts to reduce their digital exposure. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many corporations have moved toward hybrid and work-from-home formats, opening themselves and their employees to greater privacy risks and threats. IDX Privacy was first to incorporate a suite of software services that empower people to protect and monitor their digital privacy and identity.

•IDX Privacy is built on a proven, cloud-native platform that has been certified to government security standards. Unlike other privacy solutions, the services of IDX Privacy are integrated into this platform, providing for optimal security as well as making it easy for people to set up and use the system for privacy protection. In dedicating ourselves to combat digital privacy threats, we are helping move our industry from merely providing point products for security and privacy that are difficult to understand, select and use by consumers to offering solutions that can be used by a broader and less technically sophisticated consumer audience all on a single, integrated, highly secure platform.

•IDX Privacy design center focuses on the growing cyber risks that emerge as consumers embrace and become dependent upon a digital lifestyle. It is intended not only to address threats that are perpetrated by bad actors in order to carry out financial theft or fraud, but also manipulation of social media and other “trusted” platforms in order to disrupt or compromise a person’s online privacy. IDX Privacy also empowers people to reduce their digital footprint, including the removal of personal information at legal data aggregation sites.