Imperva Multi-Hybrid Cloud Security

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


The cloud has revolutionized IT, offering organizations a strategic opportunity to rapidly pursue new market initiatives and adapt their operations in the face of new business challenges. However, concerns about security risks and regulatory compliance have become major issues that slow progress towards cloud transformation.

Because of the significant differences between on-premises and cloud database environments, organizations have tried extending traditional database security tools to their cloud environments, only to encounter severe limitations, from the technical impossibility of installing agents on DBaaS, to the practical limitations of directing all cloud database traffic through a proxy service. This has resulted in organizations using a patchwork of individual tools. Ironically, this raises the likelihood of human error, unnecessarily increasing the risk of a breach or compliance failure.

By supporting all databases regardless of where they are hosted, including database as a service (DBaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and multi and hybrid cloud environments, Imperva enables companies to maintain their security posture while rapidly embracing the cloud. The platform natively integrates with any database on Amazon Web Services™, Google Cloud™, Microsoft® Azure®, MongoDB® Atlas and Snowflake™, as well as many others.

The solution from Imperva enables CIOs to make the best infrastructure decisions for their organization with confidence that security will not be compromised. With minimal data security risks, projects can move quickly without undue concerns over safety and compliance. Using fewer tools allows for vendor consolidation and reduces the requirement for dedicated IT security staffing and resources.

How we are different

- Security First: Security, compliance and privacy policies are defined centrally. This centralization reduces the time, effort, and expertise required to secure an organization’s diverse database environment; and, there is no requirement for organizations to replace existing data security investments, thanks to native integration with Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) solutions and logging tools.

- Built for Cloud: Architecturally built for modern cloud environments, enabling organizations to secure newly created cloud workloads in minutes rather than months

- Supports all Databases: Native support for over 65 databases, including all databases on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, MongoDB, Snowflake; Additional databases can be deployed in as little as one month, ensuring customers can adopt whatever database technology they prefer now and in the future.