Imprivata, Identity Governance

Additional Info

CompanyImprivata, The Digital Identity Company
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Imprivata Identity Governance provides role-based access with IT-friendly capabilities like password management, event logging, automated provisioning/deprovisioning, and entitlement management securely and efficiently. Amid resource constraints, automating these capabilities has been a highly effective way for mission- and life-critical organizations to maintain security without overtaxing essential team members.

How we are different

- Resource constraints, talent shortages, turnover, and burnout are having major impacts on critical industries. Imprivata Identity Governance keeps this in mind and takes the burden of manual account governance off the plate of already burdened healthcare staff. Identity Governance automates user provisioning and deprovisioning quickly - providing users with fast access to systems they need when they start work, and quickly disabling access when appropriate. The solution has upgraded usability features that make it easier for customers to manage account and identity administration, creating direct paths to the most frequently used features. Refreshed account management workflows, expanded reporting, and system administrator features improve security and eliminate tedious processes to give users more time to focus on their jobs.
- Relying on manual user lifecycle management is time consuming and fraught with risk. As technology advances faster than cybersecurity teams can keep pace with, Imprivata has made strides in its Identity Governance to help health systems and other critical industries maintain security despite resource constraints. In addition, a terminated employee that hasn't had their access disabled immediately can wreak havoc with access to the system. As layoffs persist across industries, this presents a major risk to your organization. Identity Governance alleviates that risk without creating more work for your IT team.
- Imprivata Identity Governance is a key component of any digital identity strategy. Implementing it can help organizations implement zero trust principle and adopt a more holistic view of their security architecture. It’s purpose-built to enable organizations to automate the entire user management lifecycle, delivering role-based access and on-demand analytics for faster threat evaluation and remediation.