Indegy Cyber Security Platform

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Indegy
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

- Indegy is the only ICS cyber security solution that monitors both OT network activity and engineering changes made to controllers, like PLCs, RTUs, and DCS devices used to manage the lifecycle of industrial processes. This unique and deep visibility can detect external cyber attacks, insider threats and human error.

- The company has developed the only industrial cyber security technology that can monitor all ICS network activity on an end-to-end basis. This Control Network Inspection (CNI) technology is a patent-pending deep packet inspection engine, specifically designed for the unique characteristics of industrial control systems. It detects control-layer events in vendor specific communications, used for operating IEC-61131 compatible industrial control systems, and passively monitors standard operational communication protocols (like Modbus & DNP3).

- Indegy’s patent-pending Agentless Controller Verification (ACV) technology eliminates both operational blind spots and security threats by automatically discovering all controllers (PLCs, RTUs, DCS devices) on ICS networks, monitoring access and detecting/alerting on changes in real-time. This enables operators to validate the integrity of control devices and ensure no unauthorized changes go undetected, regardless of whether they are performed via the network or physically on the device. Indegy developed ACV based on its deep expertise and research into proprietary control-plan engineering protocols.

Brief Overview

Indegy protects Industrial Control Systems (ICS/SCADA) used in critical infrastructures including energy, utilities, manufacturing operations, etc. from external cyber threats, malicious insiders and operator error.

These networks lack basic access controls, authentication and encryption, event logs, etc. found in IT networks. Consequently, anyone on the network such as an employee, a contractor, or a hacker, can make logic changes to these critical devices. In addition, control plane communication protocols which are proprietary, vendor-specific and largely undocumented, create a huge visibility challenge. Compounding the security gap is the lack of event logs, as no historical record is established when changes occur on the controllers.

The Indegy Cyber Security Platform is the only solution that provides end-to-end situational awareness and comprehensive visibility that spans both the OT network and activity performed over proprietary engineering protocols. This enables Indegy to identify threats before damage occurs. The Indegy platform also provides a comprehensive audit trail of all changes to ICS devices, who made them and when.

Indegy automatically discovers all controllers (PLCs, RTUs, DCSs) on ICS networks, monitors all access and changes in real-time, and validates their integrity ensuring no unauthorized changes go undetected. The latest version extends Indegy’s ICS/SCADA monitoring with end-to-end network threat visibility across multiple sites with centralized management to enable global organizations to protect their operations anywhere in the world.

Indegy can detect anomalous network traffic and unauthorized activities, including signs of malware spreading across the network, unexpected changes to critical devices, unauthorized control-plane engineering activity, and changes in asset properties like memory consumption. All of these types of activities would generate detailed alerts in the Indegy platform.

The Indegy platform can be deployed in just hours using wizards that walk users through installation and configuration steps, and offers granular, role-based user access controls.