Industrial Immune System

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Darktrace’s cutting-edge Industrial Immune System has been rolled out by numerous organizations in order to extend threat visibility into their Industrial Control Systems (ICS). ICS, including SCADA, are relied on by power stations, factories and other parts of critical infrastructure to manage key processes, yet are increasingly being targeted by advanced hackers and exposed to vulnerabilities that originate in the corporate network. As IT and OT environments continue to converge, managers of ICS have been faced with the challenge of protecting these crucial systems and data in spite of inherent security weaknesses and the continual risk of insider threat.

Launched in 2015, Darktrace’s Industrial Immune System represents a major innovation for critical infrastructure providers, giving them a holistic, visual overview of their production environments and alerting them to potential threats before they develop into full-blown cyber-attacks. Powered by Enterprise Immune System technology developed at the University of Cambridge, Darktrace’s innovative mathematical models have been specifically adapted to ICS data, forming an adaptive ‘pattern of life’ for the machines, networks, and users within these environments and then using it to spot previously unidentified anomalies in real time.

The Industrial Immune System marks the beginning of a new era for the protection of critical infrastructure, as it delivers detection of today’s sophisticated cyber-attackers and subtle insider threats to both IT and OT environments. Its launch made it possible to deliver real-time threat detection of today’s most advanced cyber-attacks. With Darktrace’s self-learning immune system, advanced behavioral analysis mathematics detect even previously unseen novel or tailored threats, regardless of whether they originate in the corporate IT or OT domains or traverse between them.

How we are different

o Detects previously-unidentified cyber threats within SCADA and other operational technology systems--a world-first--helping operators meaningfully improve the resilience of critical infrastructure and the safety of the people that work in these environments.

o Discovers threats while still within the corporate network, vastly increasing the defense-in-depth of the control system and protecting confidential data about the control system stored on corporate servers, such as detailed operational diagrams, device details, or efficiency and safety reports

o Detects true anomalies in real time, only alerting an organization about genuinely suspicious incidents (rather than flooding it with false positives) and allowing it to take proactive measures to mitigate risk. Darktrace therefore enables organizations to shift from reactive to proactive cyber defense against the next generation of cyber-attacks and helps them reconcile the challenge of, on the one hand, maintaining the flexibility that modern enterprises require, and, on the other, ensuring risk is minimized