Inside Secure Provisioning Platform

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Inside Secure
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware

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 Inside Secure provides advanced computer and consumer electronics device data, intellectual property and content distribution protection.

 Advanced data and content distribution protection requires that embedded security features are enabled and specific information to be loaded into the chips. Normally, access to programming services of unique IDs and Secret Keys is reserved for high volume security vendors who independently develop their own infrastructure. Inside Secure is in the unique position to offer a provisioning platform for virtually any SoC and module vendor.

 Inside Secure provides a common interface and access to secure silicon features incorporated into today’s devices allowing customers to maximize security in their systems and selection of a wide variety of SoC and module manufacturers to suit their OEM device and computer needs.

Brief Overview

Inside Secure is the largest-third party custom chip provisioner in the world, provisioning on multiple manufacturing lines (13 SoC partners and counting), with over 60 existing customers in the computer, security and OEM space.

The Inside Secure Provisioning Platform allows Inside Secure to serve as an independent license authority that provisions secret values into SoCs/Modules to enable secure silicon for customers.

It allows production line certificate generation and tracking to ensure the integrity of the manufacturing and licensing process. Provisioning servers program devices and wafers directly on the fab’s production line — and programming your secrets into devices is easier than ever because the BlackBox Server already resides on production lines of most SoC vendors.

The company’s embedded solutions are designed to solve the growing security issues faced by companies handling sensitive data and high-value content. Organizations need a method to protect their valuable code and investment while Security Providers, Conditional Access Systems (CAS), and Digital Right Management (DRM) vendors need a method to protect their intellectual property and data.

Compatible with existing security systems, Inside Secure’s provisioning platform enables organizations to take control of the security in their systems by owning their own secret keys. The customer can manage and allocate symmetric and asymmetric keys used.