InsightIDR – Complete Incident Detection & Response

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Rapid7
Company size (employees)800
Type of solutionService

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1. Cut Through the Noise to Detect Attacks
Is your security team plagued by low-value alerts?
Rapid7 InsightIDR leverages attacker analytics to detect intruder activity, cutting down false positives and days’ worth of work for your security professionals. It hunts for actions indicative of compromised credentials, spots lateral movement across assets, detects malware and sets traps for intruders.

2. Investigate Incidents Faster
Do your incident investigations take hours of tedious work?
Before an investigation even begins, InsightIDR eliminates the need for manual data gathering. Rapid7 InsightIDR devours data from across your enterprise and automatically attributes events to the specific user and asset involved. This allows security professionals to quickly look throughout the entire environment for all evidence of a discovered compromise, driving to speedy and complete containment.

3. End the Drudgery of Security Data Management
Spending more time on data management and less on detecting and investigating active attacks?
Rapid7 InsightIDR is a single solution with vast data coverage and visibility across an entire network, endpoints, and cloud applications, automating everything from PCI compliance to user behavior analytics, to endpoint threat detection, and search. Unlike most SIEMs and other technologies that were designed primarily for compliance, Rapid InsightIDR extends data collection and detection to endpoints, as well as popular cloud applications such as Amazon Web Services, Box, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Okta, and other leading business cloud apps.


Say goodbye to sleepless nights and the sinking feeling that the bad guys are still inside your environment. InsightIDR is the only fully integrated detection and investigation solution that lets you identify a compromise as it occurs and complete an investigation before things get out of control.

InsightIDR identifies attackers early in their infiltration by automatically separating all the good data your organization generates from that of an intruder posing as a valid user. You need to know where to focus your attention – not respond to every alert from your SIEM.

InsightIDR cuts the time it takes investigate, scope the impact of the breach, and identify a complete containment strategy. With all your data correlated by user, asset, and activity, it’s easy to expand, pivot and focus investigations. Investigation must happen fast – in minutes, not in hours or days.

Security professionals regain control with a single, complete solution for incident detection and response that combines compliance reporting, log aggregation, user behavior analytics, endpoint and search powered investigation. And it covers the entire breadth of an organization’s network, including endpoints and cloud applications.

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