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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Automated bot attacks, and the havoc they wreak on businesses, are on the rise. Modern bots are extremely sophisticated and simulate human behavior, making them very difficult to detect. Instart Bot Management analyzes bot intent and detects and blocks attacks from sophisticated malicious bots to prevent fraud and protect customers’ brand. The product’s key features include:

Prevent automated fraud and other attacks from impacting your business: Instart confidently detects and mitigates sophisticated bad bot attacks, such as account takeover, credential stuffing, inventory holding, and gift card fraud from being perpetrated against your web apps.

Keep pace with new attacks with a single click: Instart collects broad bot attack signals from customer apps, honeypots, and third-party data feeds to always stay ahead of the latest bot attacks. These signals are synthesized, analyzed, and turned into security rules in an automated fashion for all our customers. With one-click rule implementation, the next attack to your web app can be stopped with a single click.

Truly detect bad bot activity: Instart combines fact-based bot detection and intelligence-based behavior analysis to deliver the fastest mitigation times. Instart uses its Nanovisor to collect low-level signals from the client and the cloud to build a complete picture of exactly how automated traffic is interacting with your web app. The solution surfaces inconsistent browsers or environments, automated frameworks, and altered user agents and bot cookies to detect even the most sophisticated bot traffic.

Obtain faster detection and mitigation times: Instart allows security teams to easily investigate and respond to attacks in real-time, increasing the confidence of new rules and reducing exposure time. All security events are consolidated into a single view, which makes it simple to create rules that block and rate-limit bots with a single click.

How we are different

Increasingly sophisticated bots are becoming nearly impossible to distinguish from real human visitors, making protecting web apps, customers, and brands from automated fraud extremely difficult. Instart Bot management solves this prominent issue in the security space.

Before Instart Bot Management, traditional bot management solutions focused solely on behavior analysis, or technology like Captchas which impedes user experience, and thus couldn’t provide enough information to accurately identify bots every single time. Instart’s solution helps cybersecurity professionals identify bots before it’s too late.

Instart Bot Management provides automatic rules derived from Instart security experts and threat intelligence to block new bot attacks with a single click. This makes it easy for companies to understand bot intent and stop attacks, protecting their business from being attacked.