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CompanyCommuniTake Technologies Ltd
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionHybrid


IntactPhone is a best-of-all-worlds mobile Endpoint Protection Platform, including:
Purpose-built, ultra-secure mobile device; Trusted mobile hardware; Custom-built security-rich OS; OS-fused defense controls; Encrypted communications; Central enterprise mobility management; Persistent VPN; Threat detection; Anti-malware; Network monitoring; Locked-down organizational network; Mobile productivity toolkit; and Regulation-ready communications archiving.
IntactPhone is applicable to both corporate owned and private devices, Android and iOS devices (on app level). IntactPhone can be deployed via flexible delivery methods – cloud service and on-premises deployment.

IntactPhone provides a true multi-layered solution across mobile security, manageability, and productivity:
(1) A unified solution built from the ground up – All the components are developed by CommuniTake with zero-day patches; (2) Trusted components – Built on official firmware and device drivers with smart extensions for better security; (3) Enhanced mobile frameworks – Creates obfuscation against cyber-crime vectors and allows better privacy; (4) Unique security utilities – Applies security enhancements such as highly encrypted disk, and crowd analysis to detect and eliminate cyber-crime threats; (5) OS-fused command and control centre – Extends enterprise mobility management capabilities with the mobile OS making it a monolithic component; (6) Anti-eavesdropping functionality – Designed to protect against mobile eavesdropping via dedicated central use governance features; (7) Productivity toolset – One-of-a-kind remote control and self-troubleshooting technology assures device performance.

IntactPhone dramatically improves the security of connected devices, provides powerful in-depth protection against mobile cyber-attacks, and ensures seamless device performance and remediation.

How we are different

 A one-of-a-kind holistic mobile endpoint protection platform, geared towards multiple mobile enterprise security use cases. It consists of (1) purpose-built mobile device, built on trusted components (hardware, boot-loader, and drivers); (2) custom-built security-rich operating system; (3) encrypted mobile communications (both voice and messaging); (4) OS-fused defense controls; Command & Control centre; (5) threat detection; (6) utilities for enhanced protection; and (7) device performance assurance tools.
 A one-stop-shop delivering complete and integrated mobility management for the highest level of security & productivity.
 Best minimized cyber-attacks surface via (1) proprietary services replacing all Google Services, including global internal-only app store; (2) eavesdropping-resistant feature-set; (3) anomalies-based threat detection; (4) API’s obfuscation over device resources; (5) enhanced disk encryption; (6) built-in anti-malware; (7) system integrity validation; (8) VPN tunnelling.