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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)TechDemocracy
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware

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• The Intellicta platform, the first to deliver a holistic assessment of enterprises’ cybersecurity, compliance, risk and governance situation, is backed by TechDemocracy’s proprietary Cyber Risk Governance Framework, an ITSEC (Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria) solution-agnostic operating methodology. The framework organizes the 24 elements potentially present in the overall cybersecurity situation into the four dimensions of Informed, Secured, Governed and Resilient across these six infrastructural domains: Platform, Database, Application, Network, Device and Entity. Intellicta is further supported by a Risk Assurance Center, which is staffed by TechDemocracy’s consulting team of cyber risk specialists, either on-premise or cloud-based
• Intellicta’s resulting insights and holistic view of risk posture presented in the risk assurance center’s dashboard interface help organizations’ senior business leaders quantify their risk assurance program across a comprehensive framework constituting a business’s hierarchy of risk needs and preparedness. The platform maps each element of the framework to indexes, producing scores measuring the risk posture’s strength and maturity in real time. Scoring is based on the COBIT framework for IT governance and control adopted by industries worldwide.
As noted in Network World, Linda Musthaler, principal analyst with Essential Solutions Corp., said: “Intellicta can give an investigator all the intelligence about a risk in order to sufficiently take care of it. It’s a complement to, not a replacement for, other incident tracking and response tools the organization already has.”
• TechDemocracy offers a total solution, including a full spectrum of consulting and managed services to help organizations implement and use the Intellicta platform, and operationalize a quantitative/qualitative risk assurance management program. Options range from basic on-boarding for assessment of the Intellicta platform, including installation, integration and customization, through a fully managed service operated from the Risk Assurance Center.

Brief Overview

The Intellicta platform helps board of directors and senior management teams bridge the visibility gaps across their compliance, security, risk and governance functions. The platform, informed by a standards-based framework and risk assurance center, deeply analyzes the effectiveness of existing cyber risk and compliance solutions and offers consolidated view of enterprises’ risk posture.
In an article on the Intellicta platform, Sean Michael Kerner, senior editor of eWEEK, said, “A core premise of the platform is to provide business-level context and insight, rather than just having technical details pulled from security point products.”
Companies today face significant hurdles implementing end-to-end risk assurance programs due to their number of platforms and diverse and complex nature of their cybersecurity and compliance assessment tools. In a single dashboard, Intellicta presents situational awareness for cyber risk across the enterprise, including a quantified risk score and financial exposure. It is open and easily customized to meet an organization’s business needs by integrating many enterprise-class IT security technologies and immediately assessing their effectiveness. It can also integrate new security and risk tools added by the company to ensure they deliver expected improvements to the cyber risk posture.
Intellicta’s platform framework incorporates a spectrum of regulatory requirements and security standards, including NIST, ISO, HIPAA, SOX, IRA and others necessary to form a risk-based assurance program. This allows enterprises to continually map and monitor industry best practices against the breadth of cyber risk and compliance tools in their unique environment.
The platform’s risk assurance center is supported by open source architecture to allow integration and continuous monitoring of an enterprise’s unique ecosystem. The center aggregates data from the existing infrastructure and IT security tools, automatically correlating and analyzing the ingested data for measurement across any standard or regulatory requirement, as well as the company’s own security and governance policies.