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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)iovation
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionSoftware

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-According to a recent survey of iovation customers performed by TechValidate, over 70% realized an ROI within three months and that number jumps to 97% within the first year.
-Its mission to make the internet a safer place has led iovation to become an industry leader in device recognition technology, authentication and fraud prevention. To date, iovation’s automation solution has seen 5 billion devices, its has protected 35 billion transactions (23 million transactions per day).
-Each iovation customer, which includes government and law enforcement, among other businesses like AA insurance, has access to the Fraud Force which is comprised of over 3,500 community members working together to stop fraud.

Brief Overview

For any online business, maintaining a high level of security and a frictionless user experience is crucial. It’s also incredibly difficult, as the two have typically been under the care of siloed business units and rarely married together. iovation’s dynamic authentication solution, composed of ClearKey and LaunchKey, solves for this by enabling any business to prevent fraud and deliver seamless user experiences on any device. .

ClearKey provides a user-friendly authentication experience while stopping fraudulent attackers. It dynamically adapts to the changing threat landscape to deliver the appropriate level of assurance for the specific request and conditions. The solution streamlines the authentication process to secure access to all applications without disrupting the customer experience.

LaunchKey delivers true, hassle-free multifactor authentication using the customer’s mobile phone. It can be used to step-up authentication if additional assurance is required or for higher risk transactions.

ClearKey returns authentication results based on customer-configured business rules and the business can then decide whether or not to allow the requested transaction. If the device is suspect or the transaction exhibits more risk, LaunchKey can be used to step-up authentication for more assurance. Authentication can be specified at any point in the customer journey, not just at login.

Together, they representa comprehensive and dynamic authentication solution c, providing the proper level of assurance for the transaction requested, and hassle-free for customers. Implementation is accomplished using industry-standard REST APIs and can be incorporated into any platform.

iovation’s dynamic authentication tools are complementary to other or existing fraud solutions, including iovation’s FraudForce device-based fraud protection software. All iovation software – ClearKey, LaunchKey, FraudForce – can be deployed individually, or together. allow login, step-up login, redirect the login requirements, or decline the request altogether.