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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionEurope
Type of solutionSoftware


Irdeto RDK Video Accelerator offers pay-TV operators and service provider with a revolutionary certifiable process to fast-track the deployment of their next-generation RDK-V video platform by leveraging reusable solutions. Reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO), speeding up time to market (TTM), removing ecosystem fragmentation, and empowering operators to gain access to premium content (e.g., movies, sports, and series), seamlessly integrate with premium apps, and deploy revenue generation functionalities to keep enriching their subscribers’ experience.

Irdeto RDK Video Accelerator offers service providers the most effective solution to deploy, manage, and/or enhance their next generation OTT or hybrid STB video platforms by leveraging Irdeto’s groundbreaking reusable and certifiable reference hybrid stack, integrating the power of RDK-V OTT stack with our Irdeto DVB Broadcast stack in a unified platform.

As part of Irdeto RDK Video Accelerator, Irdeto has carefully designed Irdeto Certified Secure Experience (ICSE), a defined set of security requirements and certification process for RDK. ICSE covers the security and integrity of the experience for premium content and premium app vendors, achieved through a scalable certification strategy. This has been a big gap with RDK in the past, and a huge challenge for operators for both pure OTT and hybrid deployments.

Irdeto RDK Video Accelerator is SoC and OEM agnostic, offering service providers the highest flexibility in the industry with a vast selection of partners. Irdeto STB System Integration is based on Irdeto security requirements for RDK-V removing the ecosystem fragmentation and offering operators the fastest and most secured path to deploy a successful RDK-V based video service.

How we are different

• Irdeto RDK Video Accelerator’s is the most effective path to deploy and RDK-V platform, its reusable approach offers operators a unique differentiator to securely deploy their OTT or Hybrid platform with fastest time to market.
• Irdeto Video Accelerator is pre-integrated, pre-tested, and pre-certified reducing costs of deployments and management considerably, giving operators a significant advantage against competitors.
• Irdeto Video Accelerator reduces ecosystem fragmentation and empowers operators to focus on revenue generation strategies in video and beyond video.