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Phishing attacks, including those containing ransomware, malware, bots, spam, spoofing, and pharming, has evolved from a nuisance into a global epidemic. Currently, the remedy centers on human intelligence, the belief by organizations that employees can be trained and ultimately transformed from ordinary workers into hyper-vigilant phishing detectives. This method expects busy employees to identify suspicious emails & immediately report them to the SOC team, who manually responds to reports in the order that they are received – sometimes taking days, weeks and even months.

While employee training has been successful to an extent, the record-breaking number of phishing events is proof that human intelligence and reliance on an overburdened SOC team is not sufficient. Time is of the essence in defending phishing as it only takes one employee to click a link or download an attachment for a significantly damaging event to occur.

In response, IRONSCALES has developed a patent-pending, automatic phishing incident response module that automatically detects & blocks email phishing attacks in real-time, with or without human intervention, followed by an enterprise-wide remediation response. Employees can report suspicious emails by clicking the report as phishing button on their toolbar. It also scans every email that arrives or that is clicked in the event of human oversight.

When a phishing attack is discovered, IRONSCALES’ servers, without SOC team involvement, automatically executes a system-wide scan that analyzes the number & skill ranking of the responders; Multi AV and Sandbox Scan results and other proprietary analytics. Within minutes, forensics is completed, and an intrusion signature is sent directly to endpoints, email servers and the SIEM, which then triggers an immediate enterprise-wide automatic mitigation response, such as quarantines, disabling links & attachments, and permanent removal of email, protecting the organization. Important event information is then automatically & anonymously shared with other IronTraps

How we are different

• IRONSCALES is the only email phishing solution seamless proven to reduce the workload burden on SOC teams by automatically remediating and analyzing incoming threats, and quarantining and deleting suspected phishing emails in real-time.

• In 2016, IRONSCALES discovered and stopped a Locky ransomware attack targeting one of Israel’s largest defense companies

• IRONSCALES users have successfully reduced phishing attacks by 89%.