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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


JASK has assembled a world-class team and is on a path to disrupt the $6B SIEM industry by redefining how enterprises run their security operations centers (SOC).

JASK’s leadership team comes from legacy security companies that were responsible for building some of the first successful (at the time) SOCs and supporting technologies. Recognizing that enterprise security processes haven’t evolved at the rate hackers have, JASK formed its vision: modernizing security operations by providing an open-source, scalable platform to give analysts quick access to the data they need to make agile, informed decisions.

Historically, security analysts had to manually sift through hundreds (if not thousands) of alert notifications per day in hopes of finding a needle in an overwhelmingly large haystack. To address this decades-old SOC issue, JASK has built the Autonomous Security Operations Center (ASOC) platform that uses advanced automation – AI and machine learning – and analysis to deliver the highest-priority alerts (JASK Insights) to analysts via a simple dashboard – allowing security professionals to streamline investigations and enable faster response times. Instead of manually looking for needles (threats to an organization), security analysts can rely on JASK to take care of the initial analysis and free them up to more effectively protect company assets from attackers.

JASK approach has led to significant interest from top-tier investors, industry analysts and some of the world’s largest organizations. Over the past year, JASK has:
– Raised a $25M Series B led by world-renowned venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins with participation from Dave DeWalt (ex-McAfee CEO) via NightDragon Security; total funding to date is $39M
– Signed about 25 paying customers that account for $10M in revenue through yet-to-be-realized bookings;
– Won business over key SIEM players (Splunk, ArcSight, Exabeam) in more than 30% of its deals and augments existing technologies in the other 70%.

How we are different

- JASK is led by a world-class team of cybersecurity professionals that provide expertise from diverse backgrounds. The leadership team comes from companies and organizations such as the FBI, Secret Service, NASA, Carbon Black, Cylance, Sentinel IPS, ArcSight, Intel, McAfee, IBM and the U.S. intelligence community.
- Stealing market share from legacy SIEM providers in 30% of its deals, customers prefer JASK because its platform gives analysts prioritized (and contextualized) threat information quicker and more effectively than platforms such as Splunk, Exabeam and HP.
- JASK’s “secret sauce” is its ability to automate the initial analysis of threat alerts to prioritize which ones are important and require investigation. Instead of analysts having to analyze and correlate every alert, JASK delivers Insights filled with context between devices, users, networks, applications and third-party data. With a traditional SIEM solution, it’s easy for an analyst to load log/security data into the solution, but it’s difficult to get that data back out to do correlation and analyze it to identify emerging cyberattacks. JASK makes this process more simple and easy.