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Company size (employees)10 - 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Javelin has flipped the concept of breach protection on its head.

It’s become clear that unlike anti-malware or next generation endpoint prevention and detection which focus on securing the machine upon which it is installed, a breach protection system has a broader objective – to have a full view of the entire organization at all times. This is almost an impossible task, when one considers the amount and perfection of data, log, and network traffic needed to be collected to obtain this view. It’s financially unrealistic and operationally impractical to track everything inside the network, every day, all of the time, and then still have the time to respond analyze and investigate every alert. Often, even when all the solutions are in place, a human error or misconfiguration can jeopardize the entire organization. This is especially true today when security teams are understaffed and overworked.

Javelin AiME, the first AI-based Breach Protection System that effortlessly detects attackers in a Corporate Domain environment without requiring data.

Created by incident responders for incident responders, Javelin AiME artificial intelligence automates the entire IR process, from making the attacker reveal himself by his actions to automatically collecting forensic evidence from multiple sources, analyzing it, and determining if the attack is a local incident or part of a larger effort. To using reverse IR methods, specifically designed for a Corporate / Windows Domain environment to automatically kill the malicious process in real-time without disturbing the business. Additionally, while monitoring for attackers, AiME further protects the organization by constantly and autonomously probing and fixing the environment for misconfiguration.

All this is to alleviate the pains and suffering of us IT security and IR personnel who work tirelessly to defend our organizations.

How we are different

1) Truly 'next gen' - Instead of building a 'widget' that does incremental effectiveness. Javelin is providing both exponentially greater effectiveness while improving operational efficiency.

2) Solving a real problem - the problem in security is data, not the attacker. Attacks are a given, yet people feel they need to collect and interpret everything. This is impossible and impractical - completely unnecessary, if one looks at the real problem today. Overworked, understaffed, underskilled humans. AI and machine learning can alleviate the burdensome workloads and have humans do what's important with subjective interpretations and multi-functional, non-networked activities.

3) Built by practitioners - for practitioners. The Javelin founders were Red Team attackers and Blue Team defenders for both government and commercial orgs. They used all the commercially available and custom built tools to do their jobs and found out where the real problem exists...and they solved it.