Additional Info

Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


JupiterOne is a cyber asset management and governance solution, providing visibility and security into your entire cyber asset universe. JupiterOne is a cloud-native software as a service solution that makes it possible to access cyber asset context within minutes of signing up. The platform maps your assets and asset relationships on a graph-based system allowing you to ask any question of your asset collection. You can quickly make logical connections between identities, cloud workloads, git repositories, code commits, and much more. This relationship context makes it possible to ask extremely complex questions and get answers within seconds. JupiterOne allows enterprises of any size and industry to answer the question: are we compliant and secure? JupiterOne helps you know more and fear less.

How we are different

- JupiterOne is the only cloud-native, cyber asset management and governance solution that provides visibility and security into your entire cyber asset universe.

- Teams can discover, monitor, understand, and act on changes in their digital environments. Cloud resources, ephemeral devices, identities, access rights, code, pull requests, and much more are collected, graphed, and monitored automatically. This insight allows organizations to achieve regulatory compliance, cloud security, and security operations use cases.

- JupiterOne has a much broader and deeper approach to our integrations than competitors allowing customers to not only analyze their CSP configuration but to make connections between all manner of cyber asset classes.