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Company size (employees)450
Type of solutionSoftware


Kaseya AuthAnvil (https://authanvil.com) protects company data by ensuring only authorized users have secure access to sensitive applications and information, all the while making password management easier and more efficient. Unlike other IAM offerings, AuthAnvil integrates single sign-on, password management, and multi-factor authentication into one comprehensive solution at a single price.

AuthAnvil alleviates the headaches of password management by immediately terminating access for former employees, reducing forgotten password related incidents and making it easier for end users to securely log in to corporate resources, applications and websites. Users can gain authenticated, secure access to both on-premise and cloud applications from virtually any device, while businesses utilizing the AuthAnvil can seamlessly manage IAM in a standard fashion by storing passwords in a centralized location, which can be accessed remotely to manage employee logins.

Most authentication deployments fail due to poor employee adoption. AuthAnvil’s easy, flexible three step on-boarding process accelerates and increases user adoption by speaking to end-users in non-IT terms, thereby allowing enterprises to realize ROI faster. AuthAnvil eliminates the need for internal IAM infrastructure and the associated costs, making IAM more affordable for SMEs with limited budgets and resources.

AuthAnvil delivers login procedures for many of the most popular websites and applications already built in. The solution’s extendable MFA engine also allows organizations to build workflows for login procedures to new websites and applications with the flexibility to support additional methods such as biometrics and smart cards.

Finally, AuthAnvil leverages Universal Directory’s cloud-based directory service for a single source of truth in providing attribute-based identity management to staff and customers. This enables enterprise-class, federated access to cloud applications at any scale, even when customer networks are not online. For businesses concerned with compliance, detailed reports on password usage and status deliver added value.

How we are different

• First cloud-based IDaaS
As the first cloud-based IDaaS, AuthAnvil enables customers to gain authenticated and secure access to both on-premise and cloud applications from virtually any device.

• Ease of Use
Where most authentication deployments fail due to poor employee adoption, AuthAnvil’s easy and flexible three step on-boarding process helps accelerate and increase user adoption as a user-friendly solution.

• Efficient password management
IT managers using AuthAnvil can provision and de-provision users with just a few clicks effectively controlling access to the applications, sites and systems to which the passwords are linked. Furthermore, AuthAnvil can change user passwords without users knowing or needing to know; users can still access sites through their portal making the act of remembering a password a thing of the past.