Keyfactor Crypto-Agility Platform™

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionHybrid


Keyfactor was founded by Ted Shorter and Kevin von Keyserling in 2001 as a professional services company, working hands-on with Fortune 500 enterprises to build and deploy their public key infrastructure (PKI). In 2014, Keyfactor shifted from services to software to solve the fundamental problem of effectively managing the rapid growth of keys and digital certificates.

As more devices connect to the internet, so too does the number of digital certificates, the electronic records used to authenticate online connections. Given that today’s average organization manages more than 50,000 PKI certificates, ensuring that only trusted devices and users are able to connect to networks is easier said than done. Keyfactor provides a new approach to certificate management – one that combines leading PKI expertise with the tools needed to discover, control, and automate keys and certificates at scale. With deep roots in PKI consulting, and as the only fully managed PKI and certificate lifecycle automation solution, Keyfactor is the only provider in the market that combines expert-run PKI as-a-Service and certificate lifecycle automation into a single, cloud-delivered solution.

Today, Keyfactor is the leader in PKI as-a-Service and crypto-agility solutions. Trusted by 500+ enterprises globally, its customers can proactively prevent outages, reduce operational risks and costs, and drive crypto-agility in emerging DevOps, Cloud, and IoT environments.

One of the solutions offered by Keyfactor is Keyfactor Control, an end-to-end IoT identity platform purpose-built for manufacturers to build, deliver, and maintain the most trusted connected devices on the market. Even with tight budgets, hardware constraints, and complex supply chains, Keyfactor enables businesses to build high-assurance identity at every step of the device lifecycle – from product design through end-of-life.

How we are different

Working with two out three top medical device makers, one of the top two automotive manufacturers, and the #1 oil and gas service provider, Keyfactor’s identity and access management capabilities through Keyfactor Control stands out for many reasons, including:

-Its ability to manage thousands of identities across an entire enterprise, automatically and all in one platform. End-to-end IoT identity lifecycle automation ensures that connected devices are securely designed, provisioned, and updated to prevent warranty recalls and protect against threats. With Keyfactor Control, organizations can provision unique identities for millions of devices, and has been proven in use cases with 200 million+ devices and high-volume issuance.
- Keyfactor Control allows organizations to embed keys and certificates into devices at any stage in the manufacturing process — from initial device provisioning to enrollment in the field. As the number of devices grow, the platform scales along with the business, helping to reduce PKI costs by as much as 60% for cloud-hosted customers. Secure over-the-air updates and remote management also helps reduce the cost of device maintenance.
- Its ability to integrate with complex IoT supply chains. Keyfactor Control integrates with various trust models, chipsets, operating systems, crypto-libraries, and manufacturing systems — even for devices manufactured in untrusted facilities or with unreliable connectivity.