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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware


For Defence, defence industry and intelligence organisations who need the ability to share and collaborate on sensitive and classified information internally, and with partners and suppliers, Kojensi is a proven on-premises and accredited SaaS platform for classified information collaboration and sharing. It enables secure collaboration without impacting productivity, while tightly managing the compliance and security of information.
Kojensi is a military grade multi-level security (MLS) document collaboration management platform. Designed to reduce administration complexity and costs by removing the need for parallel networks, Kojensi provides the ability to create, store and collaborate on documents of varied classification securely within a single platform. This increases productivity and accelerates the dissemination of sensitive and classified information.
The Kojensi platform uses attribute-based access control (ABAC) to define the rules of who can access information and under what conditions. Allowing the information to be secured at the perimeter and within the system via challenge to every access request methodology. Kojensi keeps documents secure via granular access controls, increases productivity, allows users to collaborate securely on documents, all from an easy to use web portal.
Available as cost-effective, rapidly deployable software as a service (SaaS), on-premises application that enables Defence and the defence industry to rapidly lift their cyber resilience and compliance. The SaaS version is government accredited and demonstrates compliance with all necessary security controls to protect government and enterprise sensitive information at the highest regulatory security levels. The enterprise can be deployed on-premises at the level required by the organization.
Instead of spending millions to build and manage a bespoke classified information sharing system, Kojensi enables secure, government accreditable compartmentalized document collaboration out of the box for less time and money to meet strict information security requirements for government and defense.

How we are different

• Assists in complying with local and international regulations for compliance driven sectors such as Defence and Government (DISP, ITAR and other digital barrier requirements)
• Handles and manages information up to PROTECTED, in an ASD-certified PROTECTED cloud, or above, in a private cloud or on premise.
• Enforces ABAC security controls that are applied to individual users and content items to decide who accesses the information at the time of request.