Kroll Breach Notification

Additional Info

Company size (employees)5,000 to 9,999
Type of solutionHybrid


Kroll’s data breach notification solutions – from drafting compliant letters, to full-service mailing help, to alternate notifications for large breaches – take the burden off an organization.

Kroll offers templates and direct assistance to make the process of drafting a notification letter easier for the organization and their legal counsel. This can be used as a starting point for customization to ensure the letter meets all standard requirements while still addressing the needs of each affected party.

If sending notification letters isn’t appropriate or possible, Kroll offers alternative notification methods. Working with legal counsel, PR/communications, or other members of the response team, Kroll can facilitate distribution of email notifications or public notifications in instances where contact information is not known, or the population is too large for print notification. Kroll can build a website to help facilitate the notice to the public and to assist in monitoring services enrollment.

How we are different

- Kroll will help organizations and their counsel draft data breach notices so that messages are timely, cost-effective, and appropriate to the sensitivity of the data and audience involved.

- Kroll’s breach notification specialists have assisted clients across diverse industries with their notification responsibilities. As such, it understands how different industries–especially highly regulated ones–have distinct obligations and varied levels of risk.

- Organizations and their legal counsel can rely on Kroll’s reputation for delivering positive messaging tailored to the impacted audience that explains the data breach event while preserving brand integrity. This allows individuals impacted by the breach feeling confident and protected – knowing that if identity theft or fraud does occur, Kroll’s licensed identity theft investigators will be there to help them handle the situation quickly and effectively.