Kroll FAST Attack Simulation

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Company size (employees)5,000 to 9,999
Type of solutionHybrid


Kroll leverages decades of incident response and proactive testing expertise to customize a FAST Attack Simulation to meet the needs and threats of your organization. With deep knowledge of industry, market and geographical factors that influence an organization’s threat landscape, we craft a series of attack simulations to prepare your systems and teams for likely threats. Combined with any specific requirements your organization may have, Kroll will layer industry standards (MITRE ATT&CK) and years of experience to help test your ability to detect and respond to indicators throughout the kill chain.

Once designed, simulated attacks can and should be used consistently to test and retest configuration changes, benchmark response preparedness and gauge adherence to internal security standards. Kroll practitioners, aided by our proprietary FAST simulation platform, will guide your organization through conclusions to help identify and prioritize next steps for your security team.

Kroll’s FAST Attack Simulation balances the power of technology with decades of experience in incident response and preparedness to bring tangible recommendations for tightening security blind spots. Designed to be highly trackable and repeatable, FAST Attack Simulation exercises are the perfect way to keep your organization’s security posture in shape while your system and people are constantly evolving.

How we are different

- Optimizes security spending and improves security posture. When security budgets are tight or at capacity, proving the value of your existing tools can become a necessity. Kroll FAST Attack Simulation ensures your tools are working appropriately and providing their full value. Threats are also constantly evolving and change corporate exposure day-by-day. Kroll designs and implements a simulation that covers threats that are common, emerging and especially targeted to a company’s demographics. Performing customized attack simulations regularly can help track how a company’s security posture improves over time.

- Right-Size for Risk Appetite. Board members, executives and security leaders are having conversations about risk and need to balance speed, innovation and security. Once defined, Kroll FAST Attack Simulation engagements can help you benchmark against that appetite by ensuring that certain intrusion tactics are identified and mitigated.

- Improved Security Operations. Everyday setting changes, employee training and outdated processes and procedures can all have an impact on the overall security of your organization. FAST Attack Simulations can test each of these, putting systems and teams up against real attack profiles, in their environment, with the tools and resources they actually have.