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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America

In 3 bullets, summarize why this company is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

• The industry’s first zero-touch cloud security platform that eliminates time-consuming rule and policy maintenance
• Spots security breaches immediately vs. the industry average of 90+ days to find intruders
• Makes it easy to investigate and understand your cloud workload, with powerful visual tools that invite exploration and deliver understanding for faster remediation

Brief Overview

After nearly two years of dedicated development and testing, Lacework recently came out of stealth and announced its flagship product, Polygraph, built to significantly compress the breach detection cycle, reduce false positives, provide high precision alerts, and simplify investigation analysis. Lacework’s solution provides security for dynamic datacenter, cloud, and container workloads without requiring any policies, rules or manual tagging. Lacework automatically discovers customers’ workloads, applications and users, along with their interactions.

Lacework has a compelling vision: bring the velocity of the cloud to the discipline of security. We enlisted two of the most promising technologies of our day – big data analytics and machine learning – to fight cybercrime, the most intractable challenge of our day. Our founders realized that every data center has its own truth. We found a way to capture that truth and use it to protect the vital systems that are at the heart of our businesses, our economy, and our society.

Many of the vendors in the cloud workload protection platform space have built solutions that don’t address the new world of public/private and hybrid cloud workload, and complex cloud datacenter architectures typically feature thousands of similar machines, processes, users, containers, applications and their activity. Lacework reduces redundant events and notifications by automatically distilling these entities into a handful of analysis groups based on behavior, providing a complete picture of the entire cyber kill chain for end-to-end visibility so security professionals can respond more quickly and effectively.

Because the platform supports a wide variety of security and operations tasks, multiple products are not required to perform each of these tasks. Lacework’s technology has applications beyond security, with many of its early customers using Polygraph to give their DevOps teams the insights they need to support continuous application delivery.