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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


LANCK Telecom is a global telecom industry player that offers voice and SMS traffic termination solutions, roaming, a communications platform for enterprises, and a Fraud Management System (FMS).

Our Fraud Management System (FMS) provides real-time Voice and SMS traffic protection – instantly detecting and countering fraudulent attacks. The AI-powered engine delivers an exceptional accuracy of fraud detection – 99.9+%. The FMS successfully detects the following fraud types:

– On inbound traffic: Wangiri Calls, Robocalls, Spam
– On outbound traffic: PBX Hacking, Wangiri Callbacks, Enterprise Callbacks Fraud, Conference Service Callbacks Fraud, International Revenue Share Fraud, Artificially Generated Traffic, False Answer Supervision, Call Stretching

The FMS is constantly being upgraded to stay ahead of emerging fraud threats. In 2022, we launched SMS anti-fraud capability. It protects enterprises and operators from Artificial SMS Generation (SMS OTP Fraud), SMS Phishing (SMishing), SMS Malware (SMS Hacking), SMS Originator Spoofing, Prohibited Content and Spam.

In addition, our System offers real-time flash call detection – allowing operators to either block this verification channel or monetize it. Flash calls are detected instantly with machine learning algorithms and an up-to-date comprehensive database of flash call A-number ranges. The reporting tool supports potential monetization and business negotiations.

The Premium version of the FMS is free for all operators who use LANCK Telecom’s international carrier services (for both inbound and outbound traffic). The system can also be deployed as a stand-alone solution on the client’s premises or in the cloud.

LANCK Telecom’s FMS protects 140+ clients and saves them $6M+ monthly.

How we are different

- In-house developed mathematical algorithms and AI engine ensure accurate real-time protection from all significant fraud types on inbound and outbound traffic

- 99.9+% fraud detection accuracy is high above the industry benchmark

- Available both for partners who terminate traffic through LANCK Telecom and as a stand-alone solution