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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


LANCK Telecom is an expert industry player offering a range of services for telcos and enterprises. This includes a high-end Fraud Management System (FMS) with free access for all our voice partners and a stand-alone version. In addition to real-time detection and blocking of voice fraud on inbound and outbound traffic, in 2022 we introduced a flash call detection and SMS anti-fraud.

The FMS ( monitors voice and SMS traffic in real time, alerting and blocking fraud attacks before they can do any harm. It uses in-house developed mathematical models and machine learning algorithms to detect even the most well-disguised fraud schemes with 99,9+% accuracy – a metric high above the industry benchmark. The FMS AI engine is trained on 174+ million live call attempts daily.

The FMS is constantly upgraded to stay ahead of emerging fraud types. We were the first to discover a new type of fraud (Wangiri 2.0) that preys on companies with contact centers and other voice-based services, making them call back to high-cost numbers and incur losses. We immediately raised awareness of the threat among the telecom community and developed a tool for enterprises to counter Wangiri 2.0.

To detect flash calls our AI engine uses 200+ complex criteria, including 20+ know-how specific to flash calls. The System has built-in reporting capabilities and a user-friendly interface. Operators can use easy-to-download logs to negotiate a billing agreement with a flash call provider. The operators can choose to block flash calls in real time before they reach the subscriber or to monetize them.

In 2022 we also launched SMS anti-fraud capability, protecting enterprises and operators from Artificial SMS Generation (SMS OTP Fraud), SMS Phishing (SMishing), SMS Malware (SMS Hacking), SMS Originator Spoofing, Prohibited Content and Spam.

How we are different

- In-house developed mathematical algorithms and AI engine ensure unparalleled accuracy of fraud and flash call detection - 99.92%

- Operators can choose to block flash calls in real time or to use reporting capabilities to negotiate billing agreements

- SMS anti-fraud capability as well as signaling-level protection from Voice fraud.