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CompanyLastline Inc.
Company size (employees)100
Type of solutionHybrid


The patented Lastline platform remains the IT industry’s most robust, accurate and effective solution for preventing outbreaks, speeding response times and reducing the overall impact of outbreaks. Our patented technology includes:

• Deep Content Inspection™, which activates covert malicious behaviors through interacting with malware that bad actors have trained to remain hidden within sandbox evaluation environments;
• A comprehensive, intelligent emulated computing environment that recognizes and monitors the execution of suspicious code;
• ‘Multipath Execution’ that identifies various execution paths that a suspicious program may take, and tracks when, where, and how a given malware executable shifts from dormant to active;
• A unique means of prioritization that reduces false positives at confidence levels superior to the industry, which mitigates a particularly burdensome IT security issue.

These and other features afford a deep insight into environmental triggers, targets, intended actions and potential impacts of malware.

Lastline was recognized as the top security effectiveness performer out of nine competitive products in the NSS Labs 2016 Breach Detection Group Test – ahead of FireEye, Blue Coat, Check Point, Cisco, Fidelis, Fortinet and Trend Micro. Lastline Enterprise received NSS Labs’ Recommended rating for the second year in a row and was the first and only product to ever receive a perfect detection rate of 100.0% percent in all test categories with zero false positives.

According to the 2016 NSS report, Lastline has significantly lower TCO (less than $30 per protected Mbps) than competitive offerings from FireEye (more than $100 per protected Mbps), Cisco (approximately $145), Trend Micro (about $40) and Palo Alto Networks (almost $60).

Lastline also scored highest among the eleven malware detection solutions evaluated in 2016 by Forrester Research (The Forrester Wave™: Automated Malware Analysis).

How we are different

• Lastline Enterprise detects the APTs and other advanced malware that others miss, catching and correlating information on sophisticated threats behavior while reducing the noise generated from false positives and uncorrelated alerts from outdated security tools. Lastline’s technology allows a customer to observe in much more detail than other vendors what malware authors are doing and how they are evading more traditional forms of signature-based controls, Lastline is enabling our customers to stay one-step ahead of the bad people.

• Our advanced malware detection enables organizations to stay ahead of constantly evolving
security threats by leveraging deep understanding of malicious behavior down to the kernel
level, providing access to our threat intelligence knowledge base, and quickly taking remedial
action to block known and newly discovered threats. This keeps businesses running
uninterrupted. We support and work alongside a company’s existing security infrastructure,
and IT/security teams to provide a service at a level that other network security defenses are
unable to deliver.
• Our extraordinarily deep roots in cybersecurity research, decades of combined academic and industry experience, and unwavering dedication to enterprise cyber-security are the driving forces behind every Lastline innovation and advantage. The creators of Anubis and Wepawet, who have pioneered novel malware detection techniques, together with industry veterans with decades of experience focused specifically on advanced breach weaponry and tactics, built Lastline Enterprise. Three of Lastline’s founders are among the top 10 most influential researchers in security according to Microsoft Academic Davide Balzarotti, professor at EURECOM, who ranks #1 Christopher Kruegel, #4 Giovanni Vigna and #7 Engin Kirda (