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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America

In 3 bullets, summarize why this company is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

o Our ability to detect advanced malware is unmatched. Our Deep Content Inspection™ provides the highest level of visibility into all of the specific behaviors any piece of malware is designed to execute while remaining undetectable by attackers. There isn’t a malicious activity we can’t see. Effective malware protection also requires the ability to detect the behaviors of malware that’s already resident on a network or enters through infected personal devices or unprotected gateways. Our malware detection is enhanced by our network traffic analysis that detects suspicious network activity such as C&C communications, lateral movement, and efforts to adjust security settings.
o Differentiation is enhanced by the added context we provide to fully understand the scope and impact of an attack. The Lastline Global Threat Intelligence Network consolidates details about malicious files and their associated behavior from all customers and partners in the Lastline community (in an anonymized fashion). Details include active command and control servers, objects with zero-day exploits, Indicators of Compromise, toxic web sites and malware distribution points identified as having breach intent. Information in the Threat Intelligence Network from previous attacks can inform analysis of new attacks to speed detection and focus analysts’ efforts on specific actions required to prevent a data breach.
o Our integrations further improve the effectiveness and enhance the uniqueness of the Lastline solution. Our strategy is to fit into existing architectures instead of operating as another stand-alone appliance. Our technology can ingest data from other solutions to inform our analysis and provide additional context for suspicious activity. Also, Lastline can push information to other solutions to improve their effectiveness, such as sending blocking rules to NGFWs or UTM devices, send breach event information to SIEMs block connections via Intrusion Prevention Systems, or add evasive malware understanding to Secure Web or Email Gateways.

Brief Overview

o Lastline experienced robust sales growth fueled by direct sales to major corporations in both the US and EMEA, combined with the increased performance of strategic partnerships. Year-over-year growth has exceeded 100% every year since the product was initially available in 2013. Total users protected by Lastline jumped by over 5 million in the last year.
o Lastline was recognized as the top security effectiveness performer out of nine competitive products in the NSS Labs 2016 Breach Detection Group Test – ahead of FireEye, Check Point, Cisco, Fortinet, Trend Micro, and others. Lastline Enterprise received NSS Labs’ Recommended rating for the second year in a row and was the only breach detection product to receive a perfect detection rate of 100 percent in all test categories with zero false positives.
o Lastline also was rated the strongest current offering among the eleven malware detection solutions evaluated in 2016 by Forrester Research (The Forrester Wave™: Automated Malware Analysis).
o Our ecosystem of industry-leading security technology partners continues to expand: we recently signed agreements with IBM and Forcepoint, plus Infinigate, one of the UK’s largest security solutions distributors. Each of our scores of partners fully vetted options and concluded that Lastline is the best solution available. (NOTE: We have not yet announced IBM, so this is confidential until the announcement)
o Lastline currently powers the advanced malware protection capabilities of market leaders in four Gartner Magic Quadrants:
 Six of the top providers in the Gartner Enterprise Firewall MQ
 Five of the top vendors in the Gartner Unified Threat Management MQ
 Two of the top vendors in the Gartner Secure Email Gateway MQ
 Two of the top providers in the Gartner Managed Security Services MQ