Libraesva Email Archiver

Additional Info

Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionEurope
Type of solutionHybrid


Libraesva Email Archiver preserves encrypted emails in a secure yet easy to access archive providing anytime access to your messages for cost-effective compliance and e-discovery.

Comply with industry regulations and data protection legislation ensuring email communications are kept unaltered for as long as required with customizable retention rules.

Boost productivity, freeing up mailbox space and providing users the ability to find lost or deleted emails with ultra-fast, full text and advanced searches.

Securely preserve an unalterable, real-time copy of every email to minimize risk and be ready to comply with investigations, company audits and legal hold, with fully audited email communication trails for fast dispute resolution.

How we are different

• Libraesava’s solution protects vital corporate email data for all types of regulated and unregulated organizations, enabling it to be easily searched – but not changed or deleted.

• Libraesva Resilient Archive technology stores every email in highly secure, encrypted and digitally signed archives built for blazing fast search and e-discovery.

• Libraesva archives emails across distributed, multi-volume storage for high availability and redundancy. You choose the IT environment, archive location(s), availability, and redundancy options you need, maintaining full control over data residency. Data is stored in secure, open-standards ZIP archive format to guarantee no customer lock-in.