Light Point Web Full Isolation Platform

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Company (that provides the nominated product / solution / service)Light Point Security
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware

In 3 bullets, summarize why this product or service is different from the competition and deserves recognition:

1) Security Without Detection
Unlike detection-based solutions, which only protect against the threats they know about, Light Point Web protects enterprise networks from any web-based threat, whether it’s a known threat or a zero-day, by isolating an employee’s browsing activity in a remote virtual environment outside of the corporate network. This means that any attacks launched against a user’s web browser are stopped before they can even enter the network. With Light Point Web, IT can reduce management overhead while simultaneously making it easier for users to browse to any website safely, securely, and without the limitations that detection-based security solutions place on them, like blocking access to necessary sites.

2) Security Without Compromise
Light Point Web’s unique Full Isolation technology provides the highest level of security in the industry without the limitations of other Browser Isolation solutions. Light Point Web delivers full-featured browsing that doesn’t impact user experience or limit browsing functionality. It integrates seamlessly with standard browsers and requires no change in user behavior. Furthermore, it delivers excellent performance, even when streaming video and audio.

3) Powerful Policy and Reporting Engines
Light Point Web’s policy and reporting engines are the most robust in the industry. The policy engine’s flexibility and granularity allow customers to have full control over their users’ browsing activities, and fine tune their policies to perfectly meet their requirements. The reporting engine combined with Light Point Web’s powerful User Behavior Analytics provide customers with detailed and customized reports into users’ web activities, which are used for insider threat detection, productivity monitoring, and compliance monitoring.

Brief Overview

Founded by National Security Agency cybersecurity veterans, Light Point Security pioneered the concept of Browser Isolation to eliminate web-based threats without impacting user experience.

Unlike traditional detection-based technologies that only protect against known attacks, Browser Isolation protects against both known and unknown threats.

Gartner estimates that nearly 80% of attacks are carried out through browsers. Light Point Security protects organizations from all browser-based attacks. The company’s flagship product ensures no malicious web content ever reaches enterprise endpoints by isolating all browsing activity into a remote virtual environment. Its power, seamlessness, and high performance allow it to be used for all personal and work-related browsing.

The Light Point Web Full Isolation Platform protects against all web-based threats, including:

• Malicious Websites: Because no local code execution happens on the endpoint, users are protected from all malicious websites.

• Malicious Links: Since URLs are automatically opened in Light Point Web, whether they’re in webpages, emails, documents, Skype, etc., users are protected regardless of the source.

• Malicious Emails: All web-based emails are rendered harmlessly in the remote server, and links in email clients are automatically opened in Light Point Web.

• Malicious Downloads: Customers can finely control which files users are permitted to download. All permitted downloads are first scanned or sanitized with Light Point Web’s built-in CDR technology.

• Malicious Ads: Ads and trackers are automatically blocked. If any ads are displayed, they’re rendered remotely – protecting the user from malicious content.

Other benefits include:

• Data Loss Prevention: Built-in DLP capabilities also protect corporate data from being accidentally or intentionally exfiltrated.

• User Behavior Analytics: Analytics into users’ web activities, which can be used for compliance monitoring, and to detect insider threats and unproductive employees.

• Anonymous Browsing: Advanced anonymous browsing capabilities mask users’ true identities.

• Protection for Remote Users: Policies are enforced whether users are within the corporate network or working remotely.