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Data Security and Data Privacy are both one of the most widely discussed, and least understood topics at the intersection of technology and society. Today’s enterprises are responsible for handling more and more data, from more and more sources, affecting numerous workflows/ applications downstream, and spreading across countless data repositories. The issue, however, is that the customer assets enabling the relevant use cases often contain PII, PCI, PHI, or otherwise sensitive data. To compound the difficulty, there are also more regulations than ever concerning the handling of such data, and these regulations tend to be easier to write than to enforce. These regulations are identity-centric: everything must be linked to a single identity — typically a person in the privacy context, but also applicable to different types of assets that are linked to that identity.
Just like the modern infrastructure stack is built with microservices, the modern data infrastructure stack is getting built with a variety of applications all talking to each other via APIs. The result is a massive proliferation of sensitive data everywhere. In this paradigm, it’s imperative for companies to have the tooling to understand exactly where their customers’ data might be and who it belongs to. The marketing department might be keeping customer data that may be relevant to the finance team and vice-versa.

Key Capabilities / Features

Self-learning Platform: The only platform in the industry that self-learns what’s sensitive information to each customer, and applies that knowledge to monitor and automate pro-active PII/PCI/PHI management.

Platform approach to Data Protection: Data is everywhere - in SaaS applications, cloud applications, and hosted applications (like SQL Servers). Data can be at-rest, in-motion or in-use.

Self Service Data Subject Requests: Multiple regulations have given rights to an individual to access and erase their personal data. With LightBeam PrivacyOps, businesses get a catalog of customers' personal data present across your applications, and can automate data subject access/erasure requests.

Automated Business Process Audit Reporting: Generate differential data views and keep audit reports up to date helps businesses comply with GLBA Data Retention requirements, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR, plus many other state and international regulations.

1-click Data Security Assessments: LightBeam continuously scans all connected applications and processes, with 1-click businesses can get Data Security Assessments for any application quickly.

LightBeam leverages AI in numerous ways to best ensure organizations follow regulatory compliance across local, national, and international lines:

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) - To understand the context under which sensitive information may be detected.

Named Entity Resolution (NER) - Used to locate and classify entities like Name, Organizations, Medical Codes, etc mentioned within unstructured text.

Coreference Resolution- Used to piece together an identity to whom fragments of sensitive information detected across multiple data repositories might belong.

Graph Convolution Network (GCN) - Used to understand layout of images and documents so that the right sensitive information may be detected (and extracted) out of an image/document.

Automation-first design: An AI platform with a high-fidelity output can enable automation: customers to set-and-forget, with a 45-minute setup and zero-touch management.

Image processing: LightBeam’s AI platform detects sensitive data hiding in images, screenshots, HTML pages, JSON objects along with

How we are different

One of the platform’s key innovations is LightBeam’s ability to detect fragments of PII/PCI/PHI data and help security, privacy and governance teams understand the identities (customers/patients/partners) to whom such data belongs. LightBeam builds on top of the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer models (GPT machine learning models), and has introduced Entity GPT ™ - a unique patented technological breakthrough that leverages Transformers to predict the “entities'' to whom fragments of data elements detected across complex data infrastructures might below. Using advanced neural networks, LightBeam connects the dots presenting a picture to organizations showing exactly WHOSE data they have within their systems, WHAT data they have and WHERE is that data. While legacy tools get excited when they detect a 9-digit number, LightBeam uses its AI/ML-stack to figure out the identity to whom such a 9-digit number belongs.

LightBeam is the only full-featured platform providing integrated detection, cataloging, anonymization, and access control.

LightBeam’s full-featured platform provides STAR capabilities - Scanning, Tokenization, Anonymization, and Retention is also a big differentiator. Unlike siloed solutions, LightBeam approaches sensitive data management as a connected continuous automation process. Organizations not only save time and money with this approach, but they also get a more seamless and secure environment protective of their customers’ privacy.