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Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware


LinkShadow is a next generation cyber security analytics platform with behavior analytics and extensive machine learning capabilities to detect both cyber and internal threats. It is designed manage threat in real-time by utilizing Artificial intelligence – based machine learning to analyze events, perform UEBA, hunts for threats using cutting-edge Threat Hunting technologies & provide threat anticipation.

How we are different

LinkShadow® Provides unparalleled detection of the most sophisticated threats which enhances organization's defense against advanced cyber-attacks, zero-day malware and ransomware, the chance of an attacker passing through your network is virtually nonexistent.
Reduction of Events & Improved Operational Efficiency by prioritizing high risk alerts and reduces false positive
LinkShadow® “Management Dashboards” VP’s, Board Members & C Level Management can get rapid insights with respect to the organization Security & Risk Posture, ROI of their existing security technologies in terms of efficiency and performance & Even scan the network for bad insiders using VR technology taking the Security Intelligence Center to the Next Generation.