Living Security CyberEscape Online

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CompanyLiving Security
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionHybrid


Living Security CyberEscape Online combines best-in-class, Hollywood-style content with winning behavioral science to deliver a customizable security awareness training program that solves compliance requirements and helps turn human risk into human strength.

CyberEscape Online is the first completely remote, team-based cybersecurity training platform that users love to learn from and apply in their lives. The platform offers digital team-based training in which teams compete in a digital escape room experience, solve puzzles and learn how to be secure through an immersive and collaborative effort. Social learning encourages retention and makes training fun. The computer-based training is delivered via bite-sized modules and interactive puzzles to reinforce concepts. Users earn points to climb a leaderboard and are recognized and rewarded for making cybersecurity a priority.

Our team continually researches the tactics, techniques and procedures that cybercriminals are using to help enterprises stay ahead of emerging threats.

How we are different

- Most security awareness programs rely on brief trainings once or twice a year to check the compliance boxes required of the organization. While these trainings might help employees recognize something like a phishing message, they fail to teach them how to properly react to such threats. Living Security combines interactive content with behavioral science to deliver a training program that solves compliance requirements and turns human risk into human strength.

- CyberEscape Online is a highly engaging, interactive and customized learning program that is 16 times more effective than traditional security awareness training. According to Verizon, end users who went through the Living Security Escape Rooms were 45% less likely to click on a phishing simulation vs. all others.

- 94% of employees who completed Living Security training preferred it over their prior cybersecurity training, and 100% said they feel more confident recognizing and reacting to cybersecurity threats after Living Security training.