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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionHybrid


LogicHub’s MDR+ goes beyond traditional MDR solutions, acting as a true force multiplier by augmenting your security team with automation-driven threat analysis, detection and response, continuous threat hunting, and exceptional industry expertise.

LogicHub MDR+ operates like a 24×7 SOC-as-a-Service, monitoring and analyzing all your security event data, verifying and triaging threats, confirming threat detection, and automating incident response. When our analysts confirm that a threat is real, they deliver a comprehensive case to you that includes all relevant event details. Each case provides a detailed explanation of the threat with any associated cases, a complete set of recommended response actions, and one-click automated response actions so that you can immediately contain the threat.

Unlike many MDR solutions, LogicHub MDR+ uses an open API framework and integrates with your existing security stack for complete visibility into your data, letting you continue to use your preferred tools and protecting your security investment. We also give you the option to use our cloud-based, fully managed SIEM with no data restrictions, removing yet another source of operational overhead from your plate.

LogicHub’s MDR+ services are powered by the LogicHub SOAR+ platform, which delivers automated analysis, detection, and response at scale. LogicHub’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology analyzes data from any security platform to rapidly detect, evaluate, and respond to threats with greater accuracy and at machine speed. LogicHub’s unique decision automation technology progressively updates its own logic and incorporates the decisions and actions of its human analyst counterparts.

LogicHub’s MDR+ customers receive all the benefits of an expert team of threat hunters, SOC analysts and incident responders without the overhead of operating it themselves. Automated analysis, detection, and response ensure that our SOC is equipped to work with your team to protect your organization.

How we are different

• Autonomous threat detection: Our automated detection engine uses a combination of AI, machine learning, behavioral profiling, and embedded expertise to rapidly analyze, investigate, and triage alert and event data from every relevant source and eliminate false positives with greater than 95% accuracy.

• Automated incident response playbooks with one-click execution. Our experts will also make customizations as needed to develop new playbooks specific to your requirements. Get deep visibility into cloud, endpoint, network, and user-based activity that is automatically mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework so that you and our analysts have complete visibility into every potential threat.

• Cost effective 24x7x365 expert protection: Automated analysis, detection, and response ensure that our SOC is equipped to work with your team to protect your organization around the clock. Whether in-house security analysts aren’t in the budget, you just can’t find skilled resources, or you aren’t staffed for 24x7 coverage, we’ve got your back with deep expertise armed with cutting-edge technology.