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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionHybrid


LogicHub Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a unified platform that centralizes and simplifies security operations by integrating all security tools, automatically analyzing all security data, and delivering deep threat detection and confirmed cases faster and more accurately than a human analyst.

Unlike vendor-specific closed XDR platforms, LogicHub XDR integrates with any best-of-breed security platform, ensuring that customers are using the solutions that work best for their operating and requirements and budgetary scope.

LogicHub has based its platform on expertise automation and a blend of expert systems with deep neural net architecture, designed to work with a reduced amount of data. The engine progressively learns and updates its own logic to make more accurate decisions like a human analyst. The playbook thus helps in event triage by automating the decision on criticality of events by scoring each event.

LogicHub’s XDR meets critical gaps in detection and response from legacy SIEM, UEBA, and SOAR solutions. For security teams that suffer from alert fatigue, a lack of available skilled resources, and a history of tools that have failed to effectively improve detection and response capabilities, LogicHub XDR provides a highly automated, AI-powered platform that delivers intelligent decision automation, increases detection accuracy through scalable automated playbooks, and continuously hunts for new and advanced threats.

This advanced solution can be deployed as a platform or delivered as a fully managed detection and response service. LogicHub XDR includes:

• Comprehensive integration for cloud, endpoint, network, and user protection
• Automated threat detection and alert triage
• Intelligent decision automation with confirmed threat notification
• Continuous threat hunting
• Fully automated, one-click, and ad hoc incident response actions
• Comprehensive case management
• MITRE ATT&CK framework mapping
• Complete visibility with powerful reporting and dashboards

How we are different

• The LogicHub XDR platform leverages advanced AI and intelligent decision automation to analyze millions of security events per day from any source to detect and hunt threats, triage alerts, and respond with consistent precision at machine speeds and machine scale.

• AI threat detection progressively learns from data and analyst feedback. Skilled human threat hunters can encode their techniques, expertise, and decision processes and turn them into scoring and decision playbooks unique to their organization or use LogicHub’s extensive playbook library.

• LogicHub XDR is vendor-agnostic and offers deep integration with an organization’s entire security stack, working with any best-of-breed security platform to provide a single pane of glass for security operations teams.