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Company size (employees)6
Headquarters RegionEurope


With LUCY you can increase and maintain cybersecurity awareness. Train your users with template based, state of the art Phishing, SMiShing or Bad USB Simulations. Educate your users using the integrated e-Learning Platform with a lot of predefined and adjustable IT-Security Awareness Training Modules. On the tech side you can assess your infrastructure with Malware Simulations, Ransomware Simulations and test if your SIEM-Infrastructure works and alarms properly. And last but not least: empower your workforce with fast incident response using the Phishing Incident Plugin for Outlook!

Where do you run LUCY? You can install it locally on-premise or use it as a cloud service.

How we are different

1.) Because we want make People Testing, Awareness Training and Technology Assessments available and affordable to everybody!

2.) Because of over hundred paying customers in just 18 months and more than 2800 active installations. This shows, that our company covers a real need, shipping a every two months a new release with more valuable features which customers have been asking for.

3.) Because we build a great, affordable product as a small Swiss Company, with Swiss Quality and with awesome functionality for really a great price!

We’re white hackers and IT-security auditors since 20 years. During this time we have conducted hundreds of penetration tests, and, to this day, when one of our test scenarios targets people and IT systems at the same time, we always succeed. The combination of Social Engineering and Malware Tools we implement ALWAYS leads to at least one successful penetration. And one is all it takes. If you want to successfully defend against such an attack, you need to secure systems AND people in unison and allow them to evolve together to act as a single unit. THAT'S WHAT IS LUCY GOOD FOR!